On Swap.com, swapping actually works

Here's how we do it:


Service, not self-service

We are not just another virtual service that makes you do everything yourself. Instead, we actually have real people who do the time-consuming work for you: sorting, photographing, listing and storing. You get the fun part: select what you want in exchange for your items, or set the sales price.


Trade ring technology

Our trade rings automatically build swaps between several people. This increases the probability of successful swaps by up to 1000x compared to traditional 1-to-1 swapping. Making this work involves complex computing that we do in the background.


Safe storage

While other services depend on their users storing, managing and finding their items themselves, Swap.com uses a physical logistics center for all the items in the service. No need to trust strangers, Swap.com makes sure you get your items delivered, or your sales proceeds.