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Michael and Uli Belenky had their first daughter in 1989 and were frustrated by the relative lack of colorful and unique baby clothes available at the time, so they decided to start their own line. Recognizing the need for components like function and simplicity in addition to designs that would stand out, the duo went to work hand-stitching prototypes and created the first Zutano collection. After becoming popular in New York City boutiques, the creative team decided to move their operation to Vermont (where it is still headquartered today). Zutano has inspired the creation of a community of employees and customers, and it has developed fiercely loyal supporters.

Drawing inspiration from the diversity of children, Zutano's clothes continue to reflect the unique character of babies. The company cherishes the joy that little ones bring to the world and is focused on helping make the first outfits your bundle of joy wears feel as personal as possible. Committed to sustainability and social responsibility, Zutano ensures that all of its products are manufactured using methods that respect the planet and the people working at its facilities around the world. Zutano clothes are all made at a small, multi-generational factory in Macau that is committed to children's and women's rights in addition to promoting superior workmanship.

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The Zutano line is broken up into several categories: newborn & preemie, baby, toddler, accessories, toys, and nursery décor. Within the clothes for newborns and preemies, you'll find receiving gowns, footed pajamas, body wraps, cozy "elf suits," and onesies. Kimono tops and jackets feature prints specifically designed for boys and girls, and the line also includes gender-specific garments like dresses. Moving up into the line of baby clothes, outfits take on a little more complexity with multiple pieces that go together. Girls' tees and peasant tops might be paired with leggings or baby pants. The selection of dresses is also a little bigger and includes Peter Pan dresses and pleated dresses. For baby boys, you can choose among terry pants, jeans, straight-leg pants, cuff pants, or overalls, which can be paired with different styles of graphic or printed tees. Toddler clothes are similar to those for babies, but options like onsesies are replaced by a wider selection of shirts and pants. Other apparel available for the full range of ages includes outerwear options like jackets, hoodies, vests, hats, mittens, and more. These options join other accessories like booties, bibs, and baby blankets to round out the brand's apparel.

Zutano makes a relatively wide selection of toys in addition to its clothing. You'll find activity toys, plush toys, balls, dolls, and rattles that are designed to be colorful and festive. You can also deck out your tot's room in Zutano products with wall decals, bedding, nursery accessories, bath accessories, and more.

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Like many of the best brands for kids, Zutano was born from passion rather than an inherent desire to make money. The founders weren't satisfied with the selection of children's clothing available when their daughter was born, so they decided to start their own company, and the venture has continued to grow ever since. These products are clearly designed with the spirit of childhood in mind, and they are manufactured to be cute and fun in addition to being extremely comfortable. Even other products like toys and décor continue this trend and exude a childlike sense of whimsy that can be difficult to find in other brands. We give Zutano 5 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1989
  • Whimsical clothes for babies, toddlers, and kids
Sold at:
Specialty boutiques and online
Types of items:
Footed pajamas, onesies, creepers, receiving gowns, body wraps, kimono tops, baby pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, jeans, overalls, tees, graphic tees, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, vests, bibs, booties, shoes, socks, dolls, plush toys, balls, rattles, bath accessories, furniture
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