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VTech was initially named “Video Technology Limited” when it was founded in 1976 in Hong Kong by Allan Wong and Stephen Leung. Wong and Leung wanted to maximize on the potential for the newly introduced single chip microprocessor “Intel 4004.”

The company focused its initial efforts developing video games and in 1977 VTech introduced its first home television console, directed primarily to the European and North American markets.

Through the eighties and nineties, VTech made incursions in the personal computer market, the electronic learning product industry and the cordless phone industry. Eventually, the company left the personal computer market because of the steep competition.

In 2000, VTech acquired Lucent Technologies and continued growing its cordless phone business and expanding its presence within the electronic learning products market.

Today, VTech is one of the world leaders in cordless phones and accessories and the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic learning products. VTech makes individual standalone products and platform products that work with different consoles and software.

In 2004 the company introduced V.Smile TV Learning System and soon after launched a variety of new brands with InnoTab, MobiGo and V.Reader. VTech also expanded its brand offerings with the introduction of Switch and Go Dinos in 2012, a line of toys that consist of dinosaurs that turn into vehicles.

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VTech has a variety of products for kids of all ages under a variety of brands: Learning Toys, InnoTab, MobiGo, Switch & Go Dinos and Go!Go! Smart Wheels.

The company’s Learning Toys® brand has infant and pre-school learning products that include baby phones, learning tablets, activity cubes, Learning books and Cody and Cora the Smart Cubs.

InnoTab® offers a line of tablets and access to a variety of educational downloads and Android apps. MobiGo is a line of handheld learning systems for kids 3 to 8 years old. The brand offers games and apps and also software downloads.

The Swith & Go DInos line offers kid a two in one experience with toys that transform from a dinosaur into a vehicle in just a few steps. This line of toys also comes equipped with an LCD screen for customizable animations.

Go! Go! Smart Wheels has a variety of playsets that stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity. Each playset comes with different track shapes that can be combined among the different Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets. The sets have SmartPoint technology that recognizes and responds to each vehicle with sound effects.


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VTech offers a combination of electronic learning devices and hands on toys to stimulate kids’ imaginations.

We love the tablets and handheld devices with educational games that promote learning colors, number and even foreign languages in a fun way. We also love that the brand has a variety of toys that require kids to get on the floor and use their hands, like with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels and the Switch & Go Dinos.

For its innovative, educational products both electronic and human operated toys, we have to give VTech five stars out of five.


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Learning Toys, InnoTab, MobiGo, Switch & Go Dinos and Go!Go! Smart Wheels.
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