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Founded in 1965, Vitamins Baby has been committed to dressing America's little ones for almost six decades. The company is based in New York City and distributes its clothes for sale at major department stores and specialty boutiques across the country. The Vitamins Baby mission is to produce high-quality products for newborns, infants, and toddlers and sell them at prices that are affordable for a wide range of consumers. From layette sets for preemies and newborns to multi-piece outfits for infants, the brand is well-known for its playwear, casualwear, and sleepwear. The company has also branched out into non-apparel products like accessories and educational books. Vitamins Baby offers excellent choices whether you are buying products for your own little one or giving them as gifts.

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The Vitamins Baby product line is divided into several categories, including baby boy, baby girl, shoes, books, and accessories. Within the baby boy collection, you'll find apparel options like footed coveralls, gowns, bodysuits, shirt and pant sets, and cardigans. Baby girls' apparel includes similar garments, but it also adds dresses, rompers, capris, leggings, and more. Other layette set items for both genders are available as well, such as baby blankets, bibs, hats, and booties. You can also find gift sets that combine several different pieces that all go together. The brand's clothes range from newborn to toddler sizes.

In terms of shoes, you can find a range of different options for each gender. Boys' footwear includes sneakers, hi-tops, and loafers. Girls' shoes are much more varied and include Mary Janes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, ballet flats, and more. The accessories available from Vitamin Baby are designed to evoke cuteness from head to toe. Headbands, clips, and bows are all popular hair accessories for girls. You'll also find options like tights and stockings--many of which have unique and fun patterns or designs. Socks are available in several different colors, and some of the options are themed toward kids' favorite animals, sports, or activities. Vitamins Baby publishes and prints the award-winning line of Early Start books, which include interactive elements to help kids engage with the stories. Flip-Flap Books are full of unique illustrations that reveal something different when the flaps are lifted, and Highlight Books help teach kids new skills by featuring colorful objects isolated against black-and-white backdrops.'s Rating of Vitamins Baby

With the number of baby clothing brands to choose between, it can be difficult for new parents to figure out which ones are actually best. One factor that might help you decide is finding the clothes that look like they were clearly designed with little ones in mind. Between being comfortable and evoking childlike whimsy, the clothes from Vitamins Baby are clearly made by people who understand the unique sensibilities of very young children. The clothes and accessories are incredibly varied and offer something for every tot. Plus, you can also rely on the brand's books in order to start developing your little one's mind in addition to strengthening your bond. We give Vitamins Baby 4.5 stars out of 5.

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