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Entrepreneurs Howard Mensch and Diane Kuczer worked together for a company called HW Carter and Sons in the early 1990s and totally rebranded its product line. When they moved on from those jobs, they decided to start a new company together that would focus on fashion-centric jeans. Tractor Brand Jeanswear was launched in 1998--catering specifically to girls and women. Before long, the brand's apparel was being sold at major high-end department stores across the country, including Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

After a decade of steady growth, Tractor entered into a licensing agreement with the Chinese company New York Poplin LLC. The new setup allows the designers to focus on keeping up with the latest trends without needing to worry about the manufacturing and distribution side of the company. It operates via a factory-to-store direct model that cuts out domestic inventory demands. As the key demographics for its clothes continued to get younger and edgier, the brand was renamed Tractr to make it stand out more. Today, the line is best known among girls aged 4-14. Tractr is one of the most popular brands owned by its parent company, Ilene Oren & Co.

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Jeans continue to be the best-selling items in the Tractr collections for girls and women, and you can find all of the most popular cuts and styles. Skinny jeans are available in a number of different washes, in addition to being featured in several different colors. Many of these jeans also have unique details like quilted sections, extra zippers, houndstooth print, or distressing. Other jeans styles include boyfriend, straight, and wide leg. While Tractr focused mostly on jeans for many years, it has started to venture into other types of bottoms as well. Choose among pull-on pants, joggers, jumpsuits, rompers, leggings, and overalls--all with a certain stylistic flair. You'll also find shorts and skirts for warmer weather.

Beyond bottoms, you can also find a limited selection of tops that change with the seasons. Some popular items have included tees, tanks, kimonos, sweaters, and cardigans. The brand also makes sweatshirts, vests, and light jackets that are perfect for layering. Many of these products integrate denim, but others feature different fabrics. In general, Tractr is known for contrasting lots of unique patterns on many of its different clothes to create a truly three-dimensional look when you put together a complete outfit.'s Rating of Tractr

Few brands attempt to bring actual fashion to younger kids, but Tractr has carved out a unique niche for itself by not being afraid to take risks when developing clothes for young girls and teens. The company's devoted fan base loves to craft outfits by combining several different pieces of Tractr clothing, and the result is often a slightly bohemian look that also integrates an urban vibe. Considering how fashion-forward its clothes are, Tractr is a relatively affordable brand--especially since it often offers good sales. Clothing from the manufacturer is already offbeat, so it never really goes out of style, which makes it a great choice to buy secondhand. We give Tractr 4 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1998
  • Fashion-forward jeans and apparel
Sold at:
High-end department stores, specialty retailers, online
Types of items:
Jeans, leggings, pull-on pants, capris, shorts, rompers, jumpsuits, tees, tanks, blouses, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets
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