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Three Seasons Maternity is one of the brands manufactured and distributed by the Minnesota-based company TLB Holdings, Inc. A family-owned business, the company has established itself as a top creator of apparel for moms-to-be. TLB Holdings was founded in 2003 by owner and CEO, Tammy Boyd. Its designers pride themselves on their commitment to creating styles that women love to wear, and the clothes they make for Three Seasons Maternity are both comfortable and affordable. After its humble start in Plymouth, MN, the brand quickly expanded through distribution agreements with major retailers. Today, Three Seasons Maternity has a showroom in New York City, and its styles are sold in more than 500 department stores, including Belk and The Bon-Ton. With its garments made in the United States, Mexico, and Asia, TLB Holdings rigorously ensures that all manufacturing is up to ethical standards and is human rights compliant. In addition to Three Seasons Maternity, TLB Holdings also makes clothes under the labels of TM Apparel and Leo & Nicole.

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The styles you can find from Three Seasons Maternity cover the entire range of pregnancy sizes and are designed to accentuate fit and comfort above all else. The latest lines include dresses for all occasions, which are designed with fabric that will grow along with you and continue to highlight your best features throughout your pregnancy. Maternity tops come in various solid colors as well as prints, and they range from casual options for everyday wear to dressier styles for work. The company's dress pants are one of its most popular options. Available in black, grey, brown, and khaki, these pants have a matching elastic waistband that will keep you comfortable at work in spite of your growing baby bump.

Proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, the jeans made by Three Seasons Maternity align with all the latest trends, and they are almost unrecognizable as maternity pants when you look at them below the waist. Denim shorts are available too for women who are pregnant during the hot summer. Rounding out the collection, a number of fashionable sweaters are the ultimate accessories for rest and relaxation. These pieces complement your natural figure as well as keeping you warm.'s Rating of Three Seasons Maternity

will only be worn for a few months, which is why Three Seasons Maternity is so committed to setting itself apart as an affordable alternative. Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice style to save some money because the offerings from this popular brand are fashion-forward and will help you look great throughout your pregnancy. The family-owned company may be expanding, but it still functions like a small business, and a dedication to quality is one of its hallmarks. In addition to its admirable guarantee that all garments are made through responsible manufacturing, TLB Holdings also sets itself apart with a number of charity initiatives in its Minnesotan community, which include donating clothes to organizations providing shelter, assistance, crisis management, and more. For its high standards, we give Three Seasons Maternity 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Three Seasons Maternity

  • Established 2003
  • Affordable maternity clothes
Sold at:
The Bon-Ton, Belk, online
Types of items:
Maternity dresses, tops, sweaters, pants, jeans, shorts, nursing tops
Related brands:
TM Apparel, Leo & Nicole
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