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There are clothes that you wear and clothes that you cherish. Talbots was founded in 1947 by Rudolf and Nancy Talbot, with the goal of providing classic, high quality clothing for women that would be cherished for years.

The first Talbots retail enclave was located in Hingham, Mass., the quintessential New England quaint town. Initially, the store was known for its red door and its impeccably tailored clothing. A year after the store opened its doors; the Talbots launched a direct mail business using a list of names from The New Yorker magazine.

Over the next two decades, the mail and retail operations of the company grew, opening stores in upscale Hingham, Lenox and Duxbury.

In 1973, General Mills bought Talbots from its owners and in 1988 the Specialty Retail Division of General Mills was sold to JUSCO Co., Ltd. Five years later Talbots went public and started being traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Talbots launched its Talbots Kids line in 1989 with the intent of offering high-end, classic clothing for children. The line was well received by the same stylish women who bought Talbots clothing. In 2008, after 20 years in the market, the company decided to discontinue the kids’ line.

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Talbots infused the same quality and workmanship to its children’s line as it does to its apparel for adults. The clothes, only available at consignment stores now, are the kind of items that you can pass along from child to child and save for future generations, a rarity in this day and age.

Talbots Kids had a line for girls and boys and offered beautifully tailored shirts, high quality ties, pants, shorts, polo shirts, classic looking dresses, skirts, shoes, sweaters, sleepwear and outerwear.

The company offered the kids clothes in classic colors: navy, red, green and subdued pastels. The materials used were the same high quality fabrics used for adult clothing, with cashmere sweaters, merino wool and soft, thick cotton for shirts, dresses and polo shirts.

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Classic clothes are made to last for years. While kids will not wear their clothes for years, since they outgrow them, we still think it’s always a great value to buy clothes that are built to last and look good for years.
Clothes that are made with attention to detail and high quality materials will not only last, but they will look great for years. This enables parents to pass along clothing from child to child. When all your kids are done with a particular item, you can store it if it’s a very classic piece, or you can find the item a new home at a consignment store.

Although Talbots Kids is no longer available at regular retailers, great pieces can still be found at consignment stores like swap.com. Most reputable consignment stores will double check the quality of each garment they sell, so you know that when you find a Talbot Kids item it is going to be a great quality garment that will last for years.

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