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Entrepreneur Brian Lee founded ShoeDazzle in 2009 in an effort to change the way that American consumers purchased shoes. Lee had partnered with Robert Shapiro almost a decade earlier on LegalZoom and brought the lawyer along for his new endeavor. He also signed on Kim Kardashian as a co-founder, and the reality TV star quickly became the face of the company. ShoeDazzle's hallmark was its subscription model, wherein customers would pay a fixed price per month and get a pair of shoes sent to them to own. Almost immediately, ShoeDazzle acquired a cult-like following, and it was ranked on several lists of the country's most promising businesses during its first few years.

The brand made a major misstep in 2012, when Lee left his position as CEO and appointed Bill Strauss as his replacement. Strauss decided to put and end to the subscription model, and business tanked almost immediately. Lee was forced to step back in to save the company, and he created a new VIP program similar to the subscriptions that had been so popular in ShoeDazzle's early days. The brand still had trouble recovering all the way, however, and it was acquired by JustFab (one of its former competitors) in 2013.

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ShoeDazzle positions itself as a one-stop shop for basically all of your footwear needs, and you can find a very wide array of different shoe styles depending on your personal tastes. In sneakers, you can choose among more practical walking or running shoes, or shoes that put an emphasis on fashion. You'll also find a range of hi-tops, low-tops, and standard sneakers. Ballet flats and slip-ons are designed for comfort, and they are available in lots of different colors and patterns. Some flats feature material all the way around the foot, while others integrate straps on the foot and/or ankle.

Sandals are divided into heeled sandals and flat sandals so that you can decide what best complements your outfit. Wedges are also popular--especially in the spring and summer. Pumps are great for events, and you can find many different heel heights. ShoeDazzle's boot selection is also very expansive, and you can find booties, heeled boots, and flat boots. Clothing is a relatively new niche for ShoeDazzle, but the brand has created lots of pieces in categories like dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, denim, jackets, and vests. You can also find a wide array of tops, bottoms, swimwear, and more. The brand's handbags, wallets, and totes can put a finishing touch on your almost any outfit.'s Rating of ShoeDazzle

The concept of ShoeDazzle made a mark on the industry because it was so original, and customers flocked at the opportunity to get designer-style shoes so affordably. Even though the brand has gone through some ups and downs over the last several years, it still maintains a reputation for quality and offers more types of shoes than ever. As ShoeDazzle expands into clothing, it is also stretching the boundaries of subscription-based apparel and proving that its business model is here to stay. We give ShoeDazzle 4.5 stars out of 5.


  • Established 2009
  • Fashionable shoes, clothing, and accessories
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Sneakers, pumps, flats, boots, booties, sandals, tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, sweaters, jeans, vests, jumpsuits, rompers, skirts, jewelry, handbags, totes, wallets
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