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The origins of Seven7 are a little confusing because they span two continents. Originally founded in France in 1978, the company's design goal was to merge European fashions with the edge and attitude of Los Angeles. After mainly being popular in Europe for decades, the Seven7 brand was acquired by American fashion executive Gerard Guez in 2003. The company relocated to California and began to carve a niche for itself stateside. Guez, who is the CEO of the fashion holdings company Sunrise Brands, created a specialty division known as the Seven Licensing Company to oversee production and distribution of Seven7.

Initially, Seven7 jeans were mostly distributed to small stores and specialty boutiques. As the line became more successful, however, it started to expand beyond just jeans. Seven7 Knits was created as an offshoot in 2006 and Seven7 Intimates was established in 2011. The company struck up a partnership with Lane Bryant in 2007, designating the store as the exclusive retailer of plus-sized Seven7 apparel. It also began selling clothes via major retailers like Macy's, Burlington Coat Factory, and Century 21. In addition to its growing American presence, Seven7 remains popular in Europe thanks to licensing agreements with the Belgian distributor Haute Fashion.

Women's Merchandise


Jeans first put Seven7 on the map, and they continue to play an integral role in the company's success today. Styles are relatively traditional, but they are available in a number of cuts and washes. Popular options for women include skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, and super-stretch legging jeans. You'll find traditional blue denim in addition to other colors and patterns. Shorts are also popular bottoms from Seven7, and they include Bermuda shorts, cutoffs shorts, and relaxed shorts. More recently, the brand has ventured into loungewear and other apparel designed primarily for comfort. Options like sweatpants, flare pants, and maxi skirts are soft and loose-fitting so that you can enjoy wearing them around the house, but they are still presentable enough that you can wear them out for more mundane tasks like running errands.

Seven7 tops really run the gamut, from casual tees and sweatshirts to more stylish blouses. You'll find crew neck and V-neck t-shirts in various patterns and colors alongside button-down shirts and flowing blouses that add an air of sophistication to your outfit. Hoodies are a popular component of the brand's loungewear and can be worn for most casual occasions.'s Rating of Seven7

While the Seven7 brand has been around for more than 30 years, it has undergone some pretty major changes since it was acquired by American owners. Clearly searching for its niche as a European brand with Californian influence, its forte continues to be an excellent selection of jeans. The denim collection is sold by a wide range of retailers and sets itself apart from the competition by accentuating the wearer's form in a very attractive way. This ability is especially apparent when looking at the plus-sized jeans offered by Lane Bryant. Rather than trying to hide the curves of the women sporting them, these jeans help people of all sizes feel more confident. Seven7's other clothes struggle to find a clear niche, but they are still high-quality garments. We give the brand 4 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1978
  • European-inspired jeans and apparel
Sold at:
Macy's, Burlington Coat Factory, Century 21, Loehmann's, Lane Bryant, and online
Types of items:
Jeans, denim shorts, pants, skirts, loungewear, tees, blouses, hoodies
Related brands:
American Rag, Skechers, Superdry, Diane Gilman, People's Liberation
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