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In 1984, Michael Lerner realized that there weren't many manufacturers specifically devoted to making products that would keep young children safe. He founded a company that he named Safety 1st, and the first product he created was a Baby on Board sign that parents could place in the windows of their cars. In the late '80s, Lerner continued innovating by releasing a line of childproofing products for installation around the home. The mission that he established for Safety 1st is to create quality products that help meet parents' needs without compromising convenience.

Safety 1st was acquired by the Dorel Juvenile Group in the year 2000, and it established headquarters in Columbus, Indiana. The brand also upped its distribution throughout Europe and around the world. Though the manufacturer has expanded into other product categories, a commitment to child safety has always remained its number one priority. New products are tested hundreds of times before they are released to the public, and new technologies are integrated frequently. Safety 1st strikes a balance between giving kids the opportunity to discover the world through exploration and keeping little ones safe to enhance parents' peace of mind.

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You'll find Safety 1st products in a wide variety of different categories. Car seats are designed to protect young children from danger while also keeping them comfortable. The brand makes seats in sizes for infants, toddlers, and children. Options include convertible car seats, booster seats, and even positioning seats for use once children have outgrown the traditional car seat. Safety 1st pioneered a new technology called Air Protect that is specifically designed to cushion and protect the head in the event of a side crash.

Safety 1st has also made major innovations in stroller technology, and it sells umbrella strollers, tandem strollers, full-feature strollers, and travel systems to give parents several different options. To enhance kids' safety at home, the brand's baby gates are secure enough to keep little ones away from hazards but easy enough to use that parents won't get frustrated. Other childproofing products include bed rails, electrical plug protectors, cabinet latches and locks, doorknob covers, and more. Sleep products like bassinets and mattresses keep babies comfortable, while tubs and bath accessories keep them clean. As your tots get a little bigger, potty training products, feeding boosters, and step stools can help them safely discover their world. Safety 1st also has plenty of playtime gear like bouncers, play yards, walkers, and toys.'s Rating of Safety 1st

Safety is the most important factor most parents think about when they are considering a new product to buy for their children. When Safety 1st entered the product market more than 30 years ago, the definition of safety for kids was just starting to undergo a major revolution, and the brand has made many contributions to the establishment of a new set of criteria that parents can now insist upon for the products they decide to buy. The brand's unique approach to design and development is key to its success, and it ensures that products are made with integrity. We give Safety 1st 5 stars out of 5.

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  • Established 1984
  • Safety products for babies and kids
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