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Samuel Rothschild left Frankfurt and came to America in the late 19th century. He began his career stateside as a backpacking peddler, selling coats to miners in rural Pennsylvania. As department stores started to rise in popularity, he transitioned into manufacturing apparel and quickly began to make a name for himself when he founded S. Rothschild & Company in Philadelphia in 1881. By the turn of the century, Rothschild had singled out children's clothes as its most profitable niche, and the company became a go-to for parents looking to buy special occasion outerwear for their kids.

Over the last century, S. Rothschild & Company has undergone steady growth. In addition to having licensing agreements with major labels like Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, and DKNY, the parent continues to manufacture several proprietary brands. Rothschild Kids is the current incarnation of the company's original, top-selling line of children's coats. Priding itself first and foremost on its commitment to product quality, Rothschild owns its factories and completes designs in on-site workshops. The company has a global network that spans every step of the design process--from sourcing to production to distribution--and its culture of innovation and cooperation produces a dynamic catalog.

Babies & Kids Merchandise


Rothschild Kids features an expansive selection of high-quality jackets and other outerwear for kids of all ages. Baby clothes are broken up into three size categories: 0-12 months, 12-24 months, and 2T-4T. Full-body prams are available for infants, and these footed bodysuits protect your tot against the cold with either quilting or soft plush material. You'll also find heavy parkas for babies--often complete with hoods, beanies, and/or built-in mittens. Coats for toddlers range in weight so that you can prepare your little one for all sorts of weather, and you can find jersey-lined windbreakers, fleece jackets, or puffer coats. You might also opt for snowsuits that include a jacket and snow pants for playing outside in the winter.

In jackets for older girls, the brand continues offering very functional parkas for the bitter cold, but it also adds an array of very classic, European-inspired wool coats. Available in styles like peacoats, rosettes, and military coats, these jackets are designed with traditional cuts, and many of them feature stylistic hats for a look that is both fashionable and comfortable. Boys, too, have lots of options when it comes to style. Ski jackets, puffer coats, and snowsuits integrate the latest technology, while peacoats and toggle coats harken back to a different era.'s Rating of Rothschild

History has marked S. Rothschild & Company as a brand with a longstanding reputation, but the manufacturer has avoided ever seeming out of date. By striking a great balance between innovative new jackets and timeless classics, Rothschild Kids has ensured that it always appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers. You might be tempted to stock up on several of the brand's coats because they are suitable for such a wide array of different activities. Though coats are certainly high-end, they aren't outrageously expensive. We give Rothschild Kids 4 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1881 (S. Rothschild & Company)
  • Children's outerwear
Sold at:
Department stores and online
Types of items:
Parkas, ski jackets, puffer coats, fleeces, snowsuits, full-body prams, mitttens, beanies, peacoats, military coats, rosettes, toggle coats
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