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In 1924, two brothers named Adolf and Rudolf Dassler founded a company in Herzogenaurach, Germany called "Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik" (which translates to the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory). The company rose to prominence almost immediately as the brothers convinced several Olympic athletes to wear their shoes. Following World War II, however, the brothers had a falling out and decided to split up their business. Adolf founded the Adidas brand, while Rudolf created a new firm that would eventually be renamed as Puma.

At first Puma gained popularity for its innovative screw-in soccer cleats. As a staple at the Olympics throughout the latter half of the 20th century, however, Puma began to garner international attention. Athletes like Pele and Serena Williams as well as designers like Jill Sander, Alexander McQueen, and Philippe Starck have all had partnerships with Puma at some point in their careers, which has further influenced the company's reputation. In 2007, the majority of Puma's shares were acquired by PPR--a French holdings company that specialized in luxury and sporting goods. Today, PPR is known as Kering, and it continues to lead Puma. The company's recent popular initiatives mostly revolve around sustainability and the preservation of the environment. Puma has started manufacturing products with recycled materials and is working on reducing its toxic emissions as much as possible.

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Though Puma does about equal business between footwear and apparel sales today, it continues to be best known for the manufacture and distribution of athletic shoes. Kids can choose among sneakers in various suede, leather, and mesh designs. You'll also find a wide selection of cleats and spikes that are perfect for sports like soccer and golf. Puma has collaborated with Ferrari to make branded shoes and apparel that showcase the colors and sleek style of the famed automaker, and these products are available for both boys and girls.

When it comes to kids' apparel, boys' options are fairly limited, mostly focusing on graphic tees, athletic pants, and track jackets. Girls have a few more options, including hoodies, athletic shorts, tanks, and sports leggings. Puma also offers a wide range of accessories for both genders such as backpacks, gym bags, hats, and socks. Older kids and teens who can wear adult sizes have a much broader selection of apparel, which includes athletic and everyday wear. Men's and women's sports clothes are also available for a wide range of activities like soccer, running, training, golf, and more.

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Over the years, Puma has become synonymous with soccer around the world. If your child is going to play this popular sport, therefore, you will almost definitely find yourself looking for Puma gear at some point. Kids love wearing the same brand as their favorite athletes, and Puma continues to maintain relationships with major soccer, golf, rugby, and track and field stars. Even if your little ones aren't into sports, you may still find that they want to wear Puma clothes for exercise or Puma shoes for their unique styles. The company has a relatively volatile history, but things have recently settled down as Puma has committed to making major changes in terms of environmental sustainability and fairer manufacturing processes. All things considered, we give Puma 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Established 1924
  • European athletic shoes and apparel
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Major retailers and online
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Sneakers, cleats, spikes, athletic shirts, pants, socks, hoodies, jackets, graphic tees, polos, shorts, capris, leggings, fan wear, backpacks, soccer balls, accessories
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Cobra Golf, Tretorn
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