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A division of Gap, Inc., Old Navy was first launched in 1994. Since Gap stores had generally been established as more of an upscale brand, the company was looking to come up with a more affordable option. Originally called Gap Warehouse stores, the name was changed to Old Navy to differentiate between the two brands. Once the first store was opened in Colma, California, Old Navy started to expand at a very rapid pace. Within a year, there were already 59 locations across the country, and by 1997 Old Navy had already made more than $1 billion.

Old Navy has been rebranded several times in its relatively brief existence, and the latest makeover firmly established the store as a family-oriented retailer. Today, the chain operates more than 1,000 stores around the world--including locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Japan. Old Navy is one of the largest discount apparel brands on Earth and is constantly diversifying to appeal to an even wider range of consumers. The Old Navy Maternity collection, in particular, offers affordable, chic options for moms-to-be.

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One of the largest mainstream maternity brands to be available at such low prices, Old Navy Maternity includes a wide selection of casual tops for expectant moms, including tanks, knit tees, camis, boho tops, cocoon tops, waffle tees, and jersey tops. You'll also find more formal shirts like button-downs, blouses, tunics, sweaters and more. Maternity dresses are available in multiple colors and styles, such as sweater dresses and jersey dresses, while skirts run the gamut from maxi to mini and include various patterns and designs.

Jeans are among the most popular clothing items at Old Navy in general, and the maternity line offers a range of full-panel and low-panel jeans so that you can choose the optimal style for the current stage of your pregnancy. Shopping from Old Navy Maternity even gives you the option to choose clothes based on your trimester. Shorts, leggings, cords, workout pants, linen pants, and more are also all available with different panel options to accommodate your belly. The brand has a great selection of specialty items like outerwear and swimwear, which allows you to stock up on these necessary items without breaking the bank. Choose from all different levels of jackets and sweatshirts as well as one- or two-piece swimsuits in a range of styles. Old Navy Maternity even has you covered right after giving birth with a selection of tops, dresses, camis, and tanks that make nursing easy.

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The success of Old Navy has been so monumental since its introduction 20 years ago that it almost overshadows its parent company. The Old Navy brand has become synonymous with quality clothing at an affordable price, and the company has been making strides to diversify its product line so that almost everyone is included. Old Navy Maternity is a prime example of how devoted the brand is to becoming a one-stop shop for its customers, because expectant moms can find almost anything they might need for pregnancy (and beyond). While these garments aren't going to be quite as comfortable or durable as more upscale Gap brands, they come very close. We give Old Navy Maternity 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Old Navy Maternity

  • Established 1994 (Old Navy)
  • Comfortable maternity clothes
Sold at:
Old Navy stores and online
Types of items:
Maternity tees, tanks, camis, blouses, tunics, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, capris, pants, leggings, yoga pants, outerwear, activewear, swimwear, nursing tops, shoes, accessories
Related brands:
Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime, Athleta
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