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Okie Dokie is one of the top brands of kids' clothes manufactured exclusively for sale at JCPenney. The history of JCPenney dates back to 1902, when founder James Cash Penney opened his first retail store in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Penney took a risk on a new business model that helped him quickly grow his business across the western United States. The company also started to venture east, and it grew to more than 1,500 stores that were still profitable even during the height of the Great Depression. By the 1970s, JCPenney had to decide whether to expand into a mass-merchandiser or to limit its product lines like a traditional department store. It decided to focus primarily on clothing and home furnishings, and it began to significantly expand these lines to compete with the specialty apparel stores that had started to pop up in shopping malls.

The growth of JCPenney has slowed significantly over the last few decades as so much shopping now takes place online, but the company has a successful ecommerce business that complements its retail presence. Today, there are still more than 1,100 JCPenney stores across the country, and the retailer has recently started putting more of an emphasis on selling its house brands like Okie Dokie.

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The clothes from Okie Dokie are designed to carry your little one through his or her years as an infant, toddler, and young child. Sizes range from newborn up to 6y--though the brand's greatest emphasis is on outfits for kids in the age range of 12-24 months. For both boys and girls, you can find bodysuits in a wide range of patterns and colors. Most of the clothes from Okie Dokie feature fun, loud prints that are guaranteed to make little ones smile. Other options for boys include graphic tees, knit pants, sweatshirts, muscle tanks, athletic shorts, and socks. Selections for girls run the gamut from ruffled tops to fleece pants to dresses. You'll also find girls' hoodies, skirts, shorts, socks, and tights in a variety of bright colors.

Okie Dokie makes a limited selection of shoes for both genders. Girls' footwear options are mostly designed for fashion, and they include boots, ballet flats, Mary Janes and more. Boys' options are slightly more functional, but they still put an emphasis on style. Other accessories in the Okie Dokie line include baseball hats, headbands, sunglasses, tote bags, and more.

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Since JCPenney has been a top department store across the country for more than a century, it has a well-earned reputation and is an American staple. A recent push toward promoting house brands over national brands created something of a stir, but it also led to the creation of several new JCPenney exclusives. Okie Dokie has been popular for several years for its unique blend of childlike fun with quality craftsmanship. Clothes are very gender specific, with pinks and yellows dominating the girls' lines and many of the boys' clothes featuring prints related to sports. As long as your tot fits into these target demographics, then he or she will love the broad selection of apparel that Okie Dokie has to offer. Parents will certainly be happy with the durable construction and affordable prices. We give Okie Dokie 4 stars out of 5.

Okie Dokie

  • Established 1902 (JCPenney)
  • Casual clothes for young kids
Sold at:
JCPenney stores and online
Types of items:
Graphic tees, tops, hoodies, tanks, bodysuits, leggings, pants, sweatshirts, socks, tights, shorts, dresses, skirts, hats, headbands, shoes, boots
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