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The Danish clothing company Name It was founded in 1986. Manufacturing clothes for kids aged 0-12, the company has always taken its inspiration from children. The brand's goals derive from the demands of fashion-conscious kids (and their parents) who are looking for trendy, fun, colorful styles that are durable and comfortable to wear. Name It's products revolve around five key values: friendship, creativity, sustainability, animal welfare, and wellbeing and fitness. All decisions made by the manufacturer take these core values into consideration so that the entire company is able to maintain the youthful energy and "joie de vivre" of children. Hiring choices are based on Name It's commitment to finding Happy Caring People (one of the company's mottos). A strong emphasis is also always placed on safety of designs and responsible production so that the clothes Name It makes are good for kids and for the environment.

The parent company that owns Name It as well as several other brands (including Jack and Jones, ONLY, Vero Mada, and mama-licious) is called Bestseller. Based out of Brande, Denmark, Bestseller has been in business since 1975. Its distribution channels take products to more than 15,000 stores around the world--primarily located in Europe, Canada, the Middle East, and India.

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The Name It product line is divided into three general categories: Newborn (sizes 40-74), Mini (sizes 80-104), and Kids (sizes 5-12Y). Clothes for newborns include all the items you'll find in typical layette sets, such as onesies, bodysuits, and sleepwear. Since the company is based out of Scandinavia, however, it also places a major emphasis on clothes to keep babies warm during harsh winters. Some options include wool panty hoes, mittens, hats, and thick socks. You'll also find outerwear like snowsuits and heavy jackets. The Mini category, which includes clothes appropriate for most toddlers, features options like short- and long-sleeved tees, dresses, leggings, jeans, shorts, and more, in addition to many of the same outerwear garments available for newborns.

Moving into clothes for kids aged 5-12, Name It becomes a much more fashion-forward brand. Tops like graphic tees, tanks, cardigans, and tunics feature European cuts that make them look very sophisticated. The brand also makes several styles of bottoms, including jeans, leggings, sweats, skirts, cargo pants, and more--most of which feature unique patterns and prints. Outerwear continues to be a major emphasis of the Kids' line, and you'll find jackets of varying weights and styles as well as a wide selection of hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, and other cold-weather gear.'s Rating of Name It

For a brand that's based out of a small country like Denmark, Name It has figured out a way to achieve a very global reach. One explanation for the company's ability to transcend local borders may be the way that it focuses all of its efforts on designing clothes that kids actually look forward to wearing. With its unique dedication to a childlike culture, Name It asserts that children actually have the ability to form opinions about the clothes that they like, and it caters to its clientele through unique styles that are comfortable and durable. The company's commitment to sustainability and other environmental efforts also helps keep a loyal customer base because so many people today are interested in putting their purchasing power toward brands that respect the planet. For its ability to connect with kids and families, we give Name It 5 stars out of 5.

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  • Established 1986
  • European children's clothes
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Name It boutiques, European department stores, online
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Layette sets, bodysuits, onesies, bibs, t-shirts, graphic tees, tanks, cardigans, sweaters, tunics, shorts, jeans, capris, leggings, panty hoes, snowsuits, jackets, heavy coats, hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, socks
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