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When Steven B. Dunn became a father in 1987, he noticed immediately that the majority of products on the market for infants and toddlers were lacking when it came to creativity and imagination. In 1991, he raised more than $2 million in venture capital and founded Munchkin, Inc. For more than two decades, the Munchkin brand has been synonymous with innovation. In fact, the company has registered more than 100 patents in a wide array of product categories.

The mission of Munchkin is relatively simple: the company seeks to create clever solutions that help make parenting a little easier, safer, and more fun. The brand dabbles in basically every aspect of raising a little one, including bathing, feeding, childproofing, potty training, and more. Munchkin has partnered with other major brands to advance its technology, in addition to acquiring a number of companies. With the purchase of Lindam Limited in the U.K. in 2010, the brand became a global entity. Munchkin's reputation hasn't gone unnoticed, and it has been awarded major honors by distributors like Target and Babies"R"Us. In 2014, Munchkin embarked on a new endeavor by launching its mbaby clothing line--available exclusively from the company's own e-commerce site.

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Since Munchkin's goal is to improve the overall parenting experience with products in a variety of categories, its collection of items is fairly eclectic. In terms of feeding products, you'll find LATCH bottles that are specifically designed to mimic breastfeeding, as well as cups with the company's patented Click Lock and Miracle 360 technology for added safety and convenience. Utensils and other tableware are designed to be fun to use and easy to store. Many of these products also use Munchkin's White Hot technology to prevent burns.

Munchkin wants bath time to be safe, convenient, and fun, so it offers products like tubs, rinsers, safety appliques, bath toys, bathroom organizers, and more. Childproofing can also be taken to a new level when you opt for the brand's advanced baby gates (which include pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted products). It's easy to keep an eye on your kids while driving with the company's baby mirrors, and you can also make the car a more comfortable place with sunshades, seat guards, drink holders, and more. In terms of apparel, mbaby clothes are made with two layers to help normalize and maintain your tot's temperature throughout the day and overnight.'s Rating of Munchkin

When so many brands in the world stick simply stick to the status quo, it takes creators like the Munchkin team to make real advancements in their field. Almost every product the company has released through the years was designed to help solve a problem that the creators encountered while raising their own children. The brand's technologies put a major emphasis on safety and comfort--two very important aspects when children are very small--but they do so without sacrificing elegance of design or overall functionality. In fact, the brand continues to make major advancements in these areas as well by constantly thinking outside the box. We give Munchkin 5 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1991
  • Innovative home products for babies and toddlers
Sold at:
Target, Babies"R"Us, discount retailers, online
Types of items:
Cups, utensils, tableware, nursing products, toys, bath products, baby gates, childproofing products, car accessories, onesies, bodysuits, dresses, pants, tees
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BRICA, SaraBear, Lindam
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