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Victor Bertrand and his wife Rita founded the company that would eventually become Mega Bloks in Canada in 1967. The first iteration of the company was a combination of the couple’s names and it was called Ritvik Toys, Inc.

Mega Bloks construction bricks were initially designed for little hands, with larger bricks than the ones that were available for young kids at that time. Eventually, the company would expand its sizes and products.

Although the company started off manufacturing building bricks, it eventually changed its name changed to Mega Brands and it expanded its selection to include arts and crafts through its brand RoseArt, puzzles with Mega Puzzles and games through it’s the Board Dudes games.

The company, based in Montreal, Canada, is still run by the Bertrand family, with Rita and Victor Bertrand’s sons serving as CIO and CEO for Mega Bloks, Inc. The company is the largest toy company in Canada and the world’s second biggest manufacturer of construction toys.

Mattel announced that it would acquire Mega Brands on February 28th, 2014.

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Mega Brands include not only Mega Bloks, the company also has rights for making a variety of toys and building sets for Hello Kitty, Halo, World of WarCraft, Need for Speed, Barbie, The Smurfs, Skylanders Swap Force, SpongeBob SquarePants, Power Rangers Super MegaForce and Kapow Blok Bots Fighting League.

Mega Bloks building blocks come in four different sizes: Maxi size, the largest size made for little hands; Mini size, which is the same size as DUPLO but with taller sutds; Micro size and Nano size, which is the smallest size and was introduced in 2004.

The Micro size sets include action figures that have evolved over time to have higher quality with great level of detail and unique designs.'s Rating of Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are a great toy for boys and girls of any age. We love the open-ended possibilities that the construction bricks allow.

The bigger sizes are easy for little fingers to manipulate and enable young kids to use Mega Bloks very early on. Even before children can actually connect the bricks, they can start sorting, stacking and manipulating them, which is a great tool to fine-tune their fine motor skills. As kids grow, the possibilities become endless, from building a simple tower of colorful bricks at random, to following patterns of colors and building more sophisticated structures. There is no right or wrong when using building bricks, just the sheer pleasure of creating something by attaching and stacking pieces together.

We really love the different sizes so kids remain engaged as they grow and are able to figure out more complex structures. The wide variety of themes available from Mega Bloks ensure there is something for everyone taste, whether your child is into Sponge Bob, Barbie or Halo, there is a world of possibilities.

For their wonderful versatility and extensive selection of themes for both boys and girls, we have to give Mega Bloks 4.5 Stars out of 5.

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