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Founded in 1970, Little Me is a boutique manufacturer of fashionable and stylish clothes for newborns and infants. The brand specializes in layette sets and sleepwear for babies and is committed to celebrating their innocence and joy. Little Me knows that the years before your baby grows into a toddler are short and fleeting, so it strives to help you celebrate this age before it's gone.

Little Me clothes and accessories nurture a period that the brand refers to as "discoverhood"--when everything is new to your tot and they are still in awe of the world around them. Manufactured with comfortable, soft materials that will help your child feel safe and snuggly, Little Me makes use of fabrics like velour, terrycloth, and cotton, while avoiding more adult materials like tweed and leather. The memories that you make with your little one now will last you a lifetime, so the manufacturer wants to do everything it can to let your baby simply be a baby and cautions against asking your bundle of joy to grow up too fast.

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The clothes offered by Little Me are available in three size categories--Preemie, Newborn (0-9M), and Infant (12M-24M). They are also divided into girls', boys', and gender-neutral outfits. A wide selection of layette set basics like bodysuits, footies, and gowns are available for both genders. Girls' clothes tend more toward colors like pink while boys' are available in blue, but the brand also strives to mix it up with other pastels that will suit all babies. Bib sets feature complete matching outfits that might have design elements like stripes or polka dots. Other styles feature popular graphics like animals, cars, flowers, hearts, and more.

The girls' collection includes a variety of dresses (most of which also come with a onesie or leggings to wear underneath). These run the gamut from everyday dresses to more formal outfits that will be perfect for special occasions. You'll find outerwear for both genders, such as sweaters, vests, hooded cardigans, snowsuits, and jackets--perfect to keep your tot warm during the winter. Little Me also specializes in comfortable and adorable baby blankets that will keep young ones warm and might even become indispensible companions. The brand even offers bundles known as "Baby's 1st Wardrobe," which combine several of the essentials you'll need for bringing your new addition home.'s Rating of Little Me

The mission behind Little Me is admirable, as so many other baby brands strive to make infants dress like little adults. The manufacturer is committed to preserving the innocence and fun of being a youngster for as long as possible, and all of its outfits perfectly adhere to this goal. Little Me also takes quality seriously and has built up an excellent reputation over more than 40 years. When you stock your child's wardrobe with options from Little Me, you can be sure that they will last. The brand is slightly more expensive than some other baby lines, but prices are far from outlandish. You'll also find that the comfort and joy provided by these clothes often make their slight bump in price worthwhile. We give Little Me 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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