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21-year-old socialite Lilly McKim eloped with Peter Pulitzer in 1950, and the couple moved from New York City to Palm Beach, Florida. Looking for something to do, the new Lilly Pulitzer opened up a juice stand where she could profit off her husband's citrus groves. Working at the stand, however, she soon found that her clothes became covered in juice, so she designed a shift dress from bright, colorful fabric to disguise the stains. Pulitzer's customers became enamored with her dresses, and she began fielding requests for this new style, which had earned the nickname "Lillys."

In 1959, Pulitzer abandoned the juice industry entirely and founded Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. to focus solely on fashion. With a factory in Miami and fabrics produced in Key West, the company's designs grew in popularity as other socialites and celebrities began to wear them. In 1962, Jacqueline Kennedy appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine wearing one of Pulitzer's dresses, and business took off like wildfire. Until the mid-1980s, Lily Pulitzer remained a top brand for preppy ladies, but its founder decided to shut down the business in 1984. The rights to the Lilly Pulitzer brand were bought in 1993 by Sugartown Worldwide, Inc., and the company revived the line with Pulitzer acting as a creative consultant until her death in 2013. In addition to expanding its women's lines, the company began to produce clothes for children as well as shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

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The sleeveless shift dress made popular by Pulitzer herself more than 50 years ago is still one of the company's hottest items today. Other products in women's sizes include daytime dresses, party dresses, and maxi dresses as well as tops, tunics, shorts, pants, rompers, skirts, swimwear, and more. For girls, the company offers dresses in some of the brand's classic styles, including Little Lilly classic shift dresses and Little Mills maxi dresses. These dresses (and all the company's kids' clothes) are available is bright colors that are prefect for heading to the beach or just enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Lilly Pulitzer also makes swimwear, tunics, beach pants, cardigans, and other popular styles of clothing for little ones.

Apart from clothes, Lilly Pulitzer is well known for its bags and accessories. Brightly colored purses, totes, and wallets are a poolside fixture, and you can also find shoes, jewelry, scarves, smartphone cases, and more. The company's prints make very festive covers for notebooks and agendas, and these products are available in a variety of sizes.'s Rating of Lilly Pulitzer

Girls looking for bright, summery clothes to take on a beach vacation will fall in love with the selection of Lilly Pulitzer clothes. These dresses also make excellent, unique outfits to wear to birthday parties or other special occasions. Older kids and teens will appreciate how stylish and chic the Lilly Pulitzer dresses for women will make them look while still being able to show off bright colors and festive patterns. All of the company's products are designed from a spill-proof color palette that draws inspiration from beaches, gardens, museums, and more. You are guaranteed to make a splash sporting clothes and accessories by Lilly Pulitzer, and we give the brand 4 out of 5 stars.

Lilly Pulitzer

  • Established 1959
  • Colorful summer clothes and beachwear
Sold at:
Lilly Pulitzer Signature Stores, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Belk, Lord and Taylor, online
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Dresses, swimwear, tunics, tops, shorts, rompers, skirts, skorts, loungewear, bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, agendas
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