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What began in 1916 as a carpentry workshop in BIllund, Denmark, would become over the course of the 20th century one of the most iconic toy manufacturers in history.

Ole Kirk’s shop, as the company was known back then, initially made wooden toys, such as houses, cars and pull toys. The company adopted the name brand Lego in 1934, from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means, “Play well,” Ole Kirk didn't know then that Lego also meant "I put together" in latin.

In 1947, Lego purchased a plastic injection machine and started manufacturing modular toys and, slowly, the early versions of what would become the company’s signature product: interlocking plastic bricks.

Over time, the design of the interlocking bricks was modified and perfected to offer a more stable building structure. By 1960, the company was no longer producing wooden toys and focused its expansion on their new product, making design modifications and adding options such as wheels that enabled kids to make trucks, cars and vehicles out of their Lego sets.

Today, Lego is sold around the world with products as simple as its Duplo line for toddlers to its architectural lines with versions of the Tower of London, the Eiffel tower and other famous buildings from around the world. Lego also has licenses with some of the most popular children’s characters, such as Winnie the Poh or Harry Potter, for older audiences.

In addition to its line of toys, Lego has Lego Land theme parks around the world, with giant structures made out entirely of Legos, rides and activities for kids to do.

The movie The Lego Story produced by the company to celebrate its 80th anniversary tells the history of Lego and how its founder overcame many obstacles to make the company into what it is today.

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Lego starts its journey into childhood with its Duplo series, created for children 1 and a half to 5 years old. The Duplo bricks are twice the size of a regular Lego brick, making them safer for younger kids to handle.

The Duplo series has a variety of themes: Fun Zoo, Busy Farm, the Toddler Starter Building Set, the Number Train, Peekaboo Jungle, My First Police Set and the creative cars.

For the 5 and older crowd, Lego has something for every taste and interest, from super hero, Ninjago or Mixels fans to Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings or Disney Princess followers. The brand also has the popular series, Minecraft, Lego Creator, Galaxy Squad and the Architecture series for the more advanced Lego builders, with iconic architectural constructions such as Fallingwater (by Frank Lloyd Wright) the Guggenheim Museum or the Sydney Opera House.

Lego also has movies and video game versions of many of its toy products, like the popular Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games and the Bionicle movies, games and books.'s Rating of Lego

We cannot imagine a childhood without Legos. The versatility of the building blocks makes them a fun and educational tool that enable kids to use their imagination while developing fine motor skills and building capabilities and expanding their mechanical understanding of complex structures.

Legos are, in our opinion, the perfect toy. Little ones can sort and stack blocks while learning about colors, animals or transportation. Older kids can indulge in their love for super heroes and a variety of themes or create from scratch whatever their imagination dictates.

There is a Lego system for every stage of life, for every interest and capability and the best part is that there is no age limit, adults can, and do, enjoy Legos as much as children.

Fun, creative and educational, we think Legos are a 5 out of 5 star product


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