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The Legendary Gold line of jeans is manufactured by Rustler--a division of Wrangler Jeans. The history of Wrangler began in 1897 when C.C. Hudson moved to North Carolina and began to work in the clothing industry. In 1919, the business started by Hudson changed its name to Blue Bell and began manufacturing denim jeans. In the 1940s, Blue Bell introduced its first Wrangler jeans and manufactured clothes for real cowboys working on the rodeo circuit. After being tested by this industry, the designs were released to American consumers and Wrangler became one of the most popular brand names in the country. By the turn of the 21st century, one out of every five pairs of jeans sold in the U.S. was made by Wrangler.

In 1986, Wrangler was acquired by the international retail conglomerate, the VF Corporation. As the brand became better known around the globe, VF decided to create several sub-brands of jeans that were specially designed for specific demographics. Some of the most popular divisions include Aura (jeans for women), Wrangler Western, Timber Creek by Wrangler, and Rustler. Rustler has established itself as a brand for tough men and boys. These hearty jeans are designed to be hard working and extremely durable. Legendary Gold is a specific boys' line of jeans made by Rustler, and they are the perfect option for active kids.

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Boys' jeans are the number one type of garment manufactured under the Legendary Gold brand name, and these pants are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Almost all Legendary Gold jeans are made with Rustler's adjust-a-fit waistband, which helps accommodate a wider range of kids. You can loosen or tighten the waistband on jeans with this feature so that they fit your son as comfortably as possible. This adjustable option may also ensure that your little one can wear these jeans for longer before they need to be replaced--even if he puts on or loses a little weight.

Choose between options like slim cut, relaxed fit, and loose fit jeans in a variety of colors. Sizes range from 4 to 16, and many of the jeans are available in slim, regular, and husky. These jeans are made from premium cotton that gets softer and more comfortable with every wash. In addition to pants, Legendary Gold has also made denim shorts in the past, which feature many of the same great qualities as the brand's jeans.

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Finding jeans that will stand up to the active lifestyle of boys isn't always an easy task. Rustler sets itself apart, therefore, by striving to create jeans that are designed to be extremely rugged and durable. The Legendary Gold line carries the same dedication to quality that has made Rustler (and its parent company, Wrangler) such a trusted name in American clothing. These jeans are comfortable, versatile, and affordable, and it's easy to find just the right style and color that your little one will love wearing. We give Legendary Gold 4 out of 5 stars.

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