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MGA Entertainment introduced a new line of ragdolls in 2010, which were called Bitty Buttons. Featuring the slogan "Sew magical - Sew cute," the eight different doll characters were each designed with unique personalities and were supposed to teach kids about the importance of being individuals. According to the storyline behind the toys, the dolls magically came to life after they were sewn and inherited personality traits based on the fabrics used to make them. Only a few months after the initial product launch, Bitty Buttons changed its name to Lalaloopsy--just in time for the holiday toy season. The dolls were described as the hot Christmas toy of 2010 and were snatched up by shoppers across the country.

Over the next few years, MGA continued to introduce new dolls--expanding on the same general theme of the originals. The characters were also featured in their own TV specials and made-for-DVD movies. Nickelodeon began broadcasting a Lalaloopsy TV show in 2013, but it quickly found that the series was more popular among younger viewers and transferred it to the Nick Jr. network. MGA has experimented with different types of Lalaloopsy toys over the years to capitalize on the popularity of the dolls, and it has also introduced several spin-off lines, including Lalaloopsy Littles, Shoppes, Lala-Oopsies, and Super Silly Party.

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The original Lalapaloopsy toys are 13-inch ragdolls with names like Peanut Big Top, Dot Starlight, and Pillow Featherbed. Each doll is also sold with a matching pet. Several years after the original eight characters were released, the number of unique dolls has grown to nearly 100. In addition to the large dolls, the brand also makes Littles, Minis, and Tinies--names that correspond to decreases in size. You can also find an array of playsets and accessories that go along with the different doll sizes.

Beyond dolls and figurines, Lalaloopsy video games bring the characters to life, and they are available for both consoles and handheld platforms. Other popular products include bedding and bath accessories, as well as branded items like bikes, helmets, toy boxes, totes, backpacks, school supplies, headphones, and stationery sets. In clothing, you can find graphic tees, tanks, and pajama sets featuring the characters. Socks, slippers, jewelry, watches, and other accessories are also available. The Lalaloopsy movies and TV specials have also been released on DVD so that new fans of the brand can get to know the dolls and their personalities.'s Rating of Lalaloopsy

Introducing ragdolls to the current generation of kids was a big risk on the part of MGA Entertainment, since these toys certainly aren't technologically advanced or innovative, but the decision has paid off. In fact, the popularity of Lalaloopsy has proven that children can still be entertained by simple toys, as long as thought goes into making them unique. The brand hasn't wavered much from its original product line, and yet many little ones are anxious to collect every new doll that is released. Parents appreciate these toys because they encourage imagination while also promoting the idea of reusing and repurposing materials that might otherwise go to waste. We give Lalaloopsy 4.5 stars out of 5.


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