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When Rebecca Matthias was pregnant with her first child in 1982, she had a difficult time finding maternity clothes that were appropriate for the business world. After giving birth, she began dedicating her time to designing clothes for pregnant women to wear to the office. She named her new mail-order venture Mothers Work and slowly began building a humble catalog into a major retail empire. In the early '90s, Mothers Work had gained so much traction that it acquired two of its major competitors--A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity. In addition to keeping these chains alive, the parent company also opened a series of Destination Maternity stores that sold several of its brands' most popular products.

In 2008, Mothers Work was officially renamed the Destination Maternity Corporation. The company operates more than 2,000 retail locations around the globe and is officially the world's largest maternity manufacturer. Motherhood Maternity is devoted to providing clothes for young, trendy moms at low prices. With hundreds of stores and an online presence, Motherhood Maternity features several exclusive brands of its own. Indigo Blue is one of these sub-brands. Its product line revolves around jeans and other denim clothes that can be difficult for expectant moms to find.

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When you first take a look at Indigo Blue's selection of jeans, it's easy to forget that this brand is a maternity line. All the garments are designed to emulate the popular styles of jeans that you would wear even if you weren't expecting. Choose from a variety of different styles, including boot cut, slim cut, straight leg, and skinny jeans. You can find products in wide range of colors--from light to dark blue--as well as being able to choose jeans that have been distressed or pre-ripped, if that's the style you prefer. Indigo Blue also features shorts and capris in denim as well as trendy black or white styles.

All Motherhood Maternity pants are manufactured with different styles of maternity panels that allow you to choose your ideal fit. The company's trademarked Secret Fit belly panel can be adjusted as you progress in your pregnancy. The panel can either be worn across your belly for more support or folded down for increased comfort. Under-belly jeans feature a thin elastic panel that stops just below your baby bump so that your pants are able to stretch just enough to accommodate your growing waistline. Indigo Blue's mid-belly jeans come somewhere in between the other two styles to provide moderate coverage, and they are typically recommended to be worn early in your pregnancy.'s Rating of Indigo Blue

Many women would love to wear jeans while they are pregnant but have trouble finding options that are both comfortable and flattering. Luckily, Indigo Blue is designed with modern, stylish moms-to-be in mind and features fashions that you can be proud to show off. Rebecca Matthias can be credited with starting a revolution when it comes to maternity styles, and the company she founded continues to innovate to this day. Motherhood Maternity produces quality garments under the Indigo Blue brand and ensures that they are available at affordable prices. These jeans are available with a range of different elastic panels so that they will be suitable for wearing throughout your pregnancy. We give Indigo Blue 4 out of 5 stars.

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