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In the late '90s and early 2000s, In Due Time was one of the top maternity brands sold at Target stores across the nation. Featuring a wide range of traditional styles, the line covers almost all the clothes pregnant women need during this exciting time. Though the brand was eventually phased out when Target struck up a deal with Liz Lange to design their exclusive new maternity line, you'll still find stylish In Due Time outfits available via resale.

The company that would eventually become the Target Corporation was founded in 1902 by George Draper Dayton. The Dayton Dry Goods Company was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its first location quickly grew into a major department store. When Dayton died, his business was inherited by five of his cousins, and they set to work expanding the empire at a faster pace. The Daytons opened the first Target discount store in 1962, and this new endeavor turned out to be a major success. Target expanded so quickly that it became its parent company's top subsidiary by 1975. After acquiring two competitors--Mervyn's and Marshall Field's--Target established a presence across the country. Today, the Target Corporation operates more than 2,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, and it is one of the most popular discount retailers in the world.

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Whereas many of the current top-selling maternity brands are devoted to the latest fads, In Due Time always set itself apart by featuring classic, timeless styles for moms-to-be. Maternity tops include blouses, tees, tanks, tunics, and button-down shirts that give your baby bump plenty of room to grow and can easily last throughout the length of your pregnancy. You'll also find loose, flowing maternity dresses that are designed to keep you comfortable while your body is constantly changing.

In Due Time's maternity shorts and pants include subtle elastic panels that can stretch as your belly grows, but they are otherwise almost unrecognizable as maternity outfits. Featuring flattering styles of jeans, slacks, and capris as well as denim and khaki shorts, these garments are the perfect choice for either casual or formal maternity wear. You can also find a wide selection of loungewear from In Due Time, including comfortable pajamas and workout clothes that you'll enjoy wearing around the house or to the gym.'s Rating of In Due Time

Though some pregnant women love to feel like they are representing the latest trends while expecting, others are much more interested in simply stocking up on clothes that are comfortable and free-flowing. In Due Time was one of the last traditional brands of maternity clothes to be discontinued, and many Target shoppers find that they still miss this line. Luckily, since these clothes were manufactured by one of the top retailers in the country, you'll find that they remain durable and comfortable when purchased via resale. Furthermore, since most In Due Time garments were made to look timeless, you'll be just as happy with them today as women were 10 years ago. For its versatile styles, we give this brand 4 stars out of 5.

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