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The Hush Puppies footwear brand was founded in 1958. Playing off the slang term "barking dogs" to describe tired feet, a salesman coined the company name. Soon thereafter, Hush Puppies purchased the photo of a plaintive basset hound that would become its iconic logo. The brand introduced its first designs at Chicago's National Shoe Fair and made a splash in the industry. Hush Puppies took off so quickly that by 1963, a pair was owned by one out of every ten adults in the country.

Unique among other shoes of the day because they were designed for casual relaxation, Hush Puppies emphasized comfort first and foremost. The manufacturer has always been at the forefront of innovation, however, and it is constantly making advances in shoe technology. Hush Puppies were frequently featured in movies, TV shows, and magazines toward the end of the 20th century, and the brand solidified its reputation as an all-American classic. As offices began to transition from formal to more casual environments, Hush Puppies stepped in to remind consumers about how comfortable its shoes could be throughout a busy workday. Today, more than 17 million pairs of Hush Puppies are sold each year, and the brand distributes its products in more than 150 countries across the globe. The brand is now a subsidiary of the footwear giant Wolverine Worldwide.

Women's Merchandise


Women's shoes from Hush Puppies are divided into categories like dress, casual, sandals, boots, and slippers. Among dress shoes, you'll find pumps, wedges, stilettos, and sling backs in a variety of colors and styles. Casual shoes include ballet flats, slip-ons, sneakers, loafers, and casual heels that emphasize the brand's constant commitment to relaxed style and comfort. Sandals range from simple flip-flops to strappy leather sandals to sandal wedges. Among boots, you'll find several different heights--including booties, ankle boots, and knee-high boots. Boots are also available flat or with heels. Hush Puppies slippers emphasize comfort and warmth. Many of them have fleece or Sherpa lining to keep your feet snug, and they are made with durable outsoles so that you can wear them both inside and out.

Beyond separating shoes by style, Hush Puppies also identifies options that make use of unique technology. Many of the brand's boots are part of the WeatherSMART collection--meaning they are designed to be waterproof for rainy-day wear. Soft Style shoes are made with supple materials while also featuring trendy colors and patterns. Finally, the Select Collection emphasizes sophisticated fashion with its unique spins on timeless designs.'s Rating of Hush Puppies

For more than 50 years, Hush Puppies has managed to remain relatable among a very wide assortment of shoppers, while also exuding a trendy, chic charm. The brand set itself apart from day one with its unique use of suede, leather, and other highly sought-after materials. On the other hand, Hush Puppies has always been adamant that casual comfort is its number one goal. This juxtaposition dominates the brand's designs today and helps ensure that its shoes for women continue to have such a broad appeal. Whether you are interested in heels, flats, boots, sandals, or practically any other type of shoe you can imagine, Hush Puppies has a unique spin on these timeless styles for you to consider. We give the brand 5 stars out of 5.

Hush Puppies

  • Established 1958
  • Casual footwear
Sold at:
Specialty shoe stores and online
Types of items:
Heels, pumps, sling backs, ballet flats, slip-ons, loafers, sneakers, sandals, wedges, flip-flops, boots, ankle boots, booties, slippers
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