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Bob Hurley established Hurley Surfboards in Costa Mesa, California, in the late 1970s and found that his company took off with a number of professional surfers. He and his business partner, "Joe K," took an interest in the popular Billabong brand in Australia and decided to bring that company's products to America with the Billabong U.S. division. After almost two decades of licensing the Billabong brand, however, Bob Hurley decided to take his company in a different direction in 1998. Ending the deal with Billabong, the founder decided to launch his own clothing line under the brand name Hurley.

Since establishing itself as a separate manufacturer, Hurley has carved out its own niche within the general surfing culture. Worn by major athletes like John John Florence, Julian Wilson, Carissa Moore, and Lakey Peterson, Hurley bases all of its designs on the latest surfing technology. It has also expanded to feature general clothing lines of both athletic and casualwear. Hurley manufactures clothes for men, women, and kids and is one of the top brands in its particular industry. In 2002, the company was acquired by Nike, Inc.

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While adult sizes feature clothes for both men and women, Hurley's kids' line caters exclusively to boys. Boardshorts were the garment that inspired the creation of a separate clothing brand, and they continue to be the hallmark of the Hurley collection. You'll find this popular piece of surfing apparel in a wide range of colors and patterns--and they can even be customized to fit your preferences. When it comes to tops, the boys' line from Hurley includes graphic tees, fleeces, and hoodies for everyday wear. Surfing tops include short- and long-sleeved rashguards that can keep you safe from the rough water if you fall off your board. Full-on wetsuits are also available for cold water surfing. Hats featuring the Hurley logo are a favorite among the brand's devotees, and you can find these hats in several different colors.

Older kids and teens who wear adult sizes will find a much broader selection of options from Hurley. Men's styles include boardshorts, cargo shorts, chinos, jeans, oxford shirts, tanks, jackets, sandals, belts, and more. Clothing options for women also revolve around surfing options like boardshorts and water leggings, as well as tees, tanks, maxi dresses, swimwear, and footwear. You'll also find unisex accessories like backpacks, wallets, scarves, and beanies.'s Rating of Hurley

Surfing is more than just a hobby - it's a culture. If your kids are into this popular water sport, then you shouldn't be surprised if they want every item in their wardrobe to help broadcast their love of surfing to the world. Hurley established itself as a quality brand long before it actually started producing its own clothes, and it continues to have a great reputation among both professional and amateur athletes today. It's unfortunate that the company doesn't cater to younger girls at all (there are plenty of female surfers who start to hit the waves before they can fit into adult sizes), but younger boys will certainly appreciate the chance to wear the same surf brand as so many of their sports idols. All things considered, we give Hurley 4 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1979
  • Authentic surf wear
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Dick's Sporting Goods, Macy's, Pacific Sunwear, Hat World, Lids, Tilly's, Journeys, Buckle, Shoe City, Dillard's, Hurley factory stores, specialty retailers, and online
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Boardshorts, surfing tops, wetsuits, tees, tanks, hoodies, hats, jeans, cargo shorts, chinos, dresses, sandals, swimwear, backpacks, wallets, belts, accessories
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Billabong, Nike, Converse, Brand Jordan, Air Force 1, Nike Skateboarding
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