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Peggy Hart Earle founded the upscale girls' brand Hartstrings in 1979, with the goal of creating a company that combined classic style with a modern twist. For more than 30 years, the company has grown and diversified by launching divisions like Kitestrings--a boys' line--and its brand for trendy tweens, known as kc parker. With its Hartsprings brand, in particular, the manufacturer is committed to making little girls the best-dressed kids on the block. From outfits for special occasions to luxurious casualwear, Hartstings has carved itself a unique niche.

In 2011, several assets from the Hartsprings brand were acquired by Parigi Enterprises, LLC. The Parigi Group is one of the premier competitors in the children's apparel industry. The company maintains partnerships with several major department stores and specialty stores across North America, and it has played an integral role in helping grow Hartsprings' distribution outlets. Parigi is committed to maintaining and protecting the reputation that Hartsprings has built for itself over more than three decades and has been proud to help launch the brand's next phase of growth. Today, Hartsprings clothing is available at high-end department stores and boutiques as well as operating its own retail locations across the country.

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The Hartstrings line of clothes for girls includes all the basic categories you'll need to build your daughter's wardrobe. The brand makes garments that range from newborn sizes up to girls' size 16. For infants, bodysuits, knit tops, tunics, cardigans, and tees are all designed to add a touch of class to your baby's basic apparel. You'll also find several types of dresses, skirts, and skorts--many of which include detailing like ruffles, bows, and lace.

Moving into clothes for toddlers and older girls (sizes 2T-16), tops include embellished tees, tunics, blouses, and tanks, as well as cardigans, sweaters, and smocks. Dresses and jumpers exude a more traditional, almost European charm. Hartstrings makes raincoats, boots, and heavy jackets to help your daughter survive the cold winter, and the brand also has an extensive swimwear collection that's perfect for summer. Shoes and accessories include tights, sandals, and Mary Janes. For families with two or more children at similar ages, the Hartstrings Brother Sister collection pairs with the Kitestrings boys' brand in order to accentuate the sibling bond with clothes that are made to match. Perfect for special occasions, as well as for taking family photos, these adorable outfits are sure to be a hit.

Swap.com's Rating of Hartstrings

As a kids' lifestyle brand, Hartstrings has thoroughly set itself apart from other manufacturers. Clothes are very traditional for the most part and harken back to the outfits kids might have worn at the turn of the 20th century. Still, developments have been made to make these clothes durable and stylish, which puts a new twist on their classical sensibilities. Personal preference will dictate whether you think Hartstrings is a good choice for your daughter's everyday clothes or simply a brand you turn to for more formal occasions. Prices certainly reinforce Hartstrings as a luxury brand and may be out of reach for some parents, but the quality of these clothes is often worth the extra investment. We give Hartstrings 4 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1979
  • Luxury clothes for girls
Sold at:
Hartsprings retail stores, upscale department stores, specialty boutiques, online
Types of items:
Bodysuits, cardigans, tunics, tees, dresses, skirts, skorts, leggings, jumpers, sweaters, smocks, raincoats, jackets, boots, shoes, tights, accessories, swimwear
Related brands:
Kitestrings, kc parker
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