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Hannah Montana premiered on the Disney Channel in 2006, starring breakout young actress Miley Cyrus. Created by Michael Poyres, Rich Correll, and Barry O'Brien, the show follows the life of ordinary teen Miley Stewart, who moonlights as the pop star Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus was joined on screen by her father Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as co-stars Emily Osment, Jason Earles, and Mitchel Musso. Almost immediately, Hannah Montana became one of Disney's hottest properties--in fact, its premiere was the most-watched show in Disney Channel history at the time. The series and its stars won a slew of awards for teen-centric television, and Hannah Montana gained popularity among international audiences in addition to those stateside.

Since Cyrus' character was depicted as a pop star, it gave Disney a perfect opportunity to launch a music career for the teen as well. Albums were released to coincide with the show's seasons, and Cyrus actually went on a world concert tour. The success of the TV series led to the release of Hannah Montana: The Movie in theatres. Merchandising deals also brought Hannah Montana dolls, toys, and clothing to major retailers across the country. Disney Channel continued to produce new episodes of Hannah Montana for four seasons, and production officially wrapped in 2011.

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Even though Hannah Montana has been off the air for several years now, it still remains a popular property as new kids discover the series on DVD and streaming services. As a result, clothing, toys, and accessories featuring the show's characters remain very popular items via resale. In clothes for girls, you can find graphic tees and tanks with all sorts of Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart prints. Other logo gear includes hats, sweatshirts, vests, jackets, and more. Wal-Mart signed a licensing deal to distribute Hannah Montana-themed clothing in 2008, so you can also find pants, skirts, shorts, and other fashion apparel inspired by the series.

In toys, dolls were some of the first products made to coincide with the series, and they feature Miley, Lilly, Oliver, Jake, and other favorite characters. These dolls can be paired with lots of accessories, including different outfits, musical instruments, sports equipment, and more. Familiar board games received Hannah Montana overlays during the height of the show's popularity, and you can also find plenty of video games that revolve around the singer and her music. Of course, the DVDs of the show and movie continue to be extremely popular ways for new and old fans to experience the Hannah Montana franchise.

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In spite of Miley Cyrus' more controversial career moves in later years, Hannah Montana was the perfect example of good, clean fun in an addictive show that appealed to hundreds of millions of young people. If you have a new Hannah Montana fan in your household, you can easily capitalize on the merchandise craze that went on several years ago and find plenty of pre-owned apparel and toys to satisfy young ones. Hannah Montana had a certain spark that resonated perfectly with its target audience, so we give the franchise 4 stars out of 5.

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