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The George clothing line was founded in 1990 for the British supermarket chain Asda. Named after designer George Davies, who originally came up with the brand, George is one of the top clothing lines in the U.K. When Asda was acquired by Walmart in 1999, the new parent company began distributing George clothes to its other markets, including the U.S. The brand is devoted to selling quality fashions at low prices.

The history of Asda dates back to the 1920s, when several dairy farmers from Yorkshire united to form Hindell's Dairy Farmers Ltd. A name change to Asquith and Dairies in 1965 let to the abbreviation "Asda." Expanding throughout England during the 1990s, Asda had 229 stores when it was purchased by Walmart. The Walmart Corporation was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. The original Arkansas location soon gave birth to a nationwide chain, and Walmart had secured a spot as the country's largest retailer by 1990. Thanks in part to acquisitions of companies like Asda, Walmart has gone global over the last few decades, and it is currently the largest public corporation in the world. With more than 11,000 retail locations that span the globe, Walmart bases its business model on offering rock-bottom prices. The company sells major brand names in addition to its own house lines.

Babies & Kids Merchandise


The George clothing line tends to skew toward more formal styles, and it includes outfits for infants, toddlers, kids, and teens, as well as adults. The youngest George customers can find their first formal outfits from this brand, including dresses, skirts, button-down shirts, slacks, and suits. Moving into clothes for young boys and girls, George puts an emphasis on garments that can be worn as part of a school uniform--including polos, dress pants, dress shorts, pleated skirts, and pleated jumpers. Girls can find a few options that are less formal, including blouses, sundresses, and A-line dresses. Almost all the styles for boys in this age range a

Fashions loosen up a bit as older kids reach the George lines for juniors, men, and women. While still offering a full range of dress clothes that are perfect for office jobs and special events, the brand also includes more relaxed garments like pajamas, capris, tees, tanks, and turtlenecks, as well as specialty items like camis, underwear, and intended for special occasions. They include oxford shirts, ties, and blazers, as well as three-piece sets that combine a matching shirt, vest, and slacks.'s Rating of George

It takes a great reputation to become one of the bestselling brands at the world's top retailer. The George clothing line had humble beginnings in the U.K., but it has grown into a major international staple over the past decade. Most parents will shop from the George brand only when they have specific occasions in mind, and these clothes provide excellent options if your child is attending a wedding, funeral, or formal party. The affordability of the line also makes it a godsend for parents who need to put together an entire wardrobe of school uniform components. Featuring a very wide selection for kids (and adults) of all ages, Walmart and Asda make it easy for you to stock up on formal clothes with this excellent brand. We give George 4.5 stars out of 5.

Women's Merchandise


The George collection for women focuses primarily on more formal apparel. In tops, you'll find button-down shirts, fashion blouses, tunics, and layering tops. The brand also features solid polos that might be worn by teens as part of a school uniform. An assortment of cardigans, sweaters, and turtlenecks is available in relatively muted colors.

The heart of the George line revolves around clothes that can be worn to work or other formal occasions. Pants include trousers and slacks in colors like khaki, grey, and black. These bottoms are available in a range of different cuts and fits for optimal comfort and style. Skirts are also popular business options, and you can find suiting skirts sold individually or in two-packs. While the most popular cut is the pencil skirt, other midi skirts are available. The brand also makes skirt slips that improve comfort and modesty. The final component of most business outfits is a professional jacket, and George makes a wide assortment of blazers in different cuts and colors. Bundles are also available that combine a jacket and skirt or a jacket and pants to better fill out your wardrobe. George has a relatively limited selection of "career dresses," but they are available in a few different styles like knit dresses and v-neck dresses.'s Rating of George

Since George has a long history in the U.K. that dates back to before it was acquired by Walmart, the brand has evolved in a unique way stateside. Today, you are most likely to shop for clothes from the George label if you are trying to stock up on apparel that can be worn to work. With its assortment of pants, skirts, and blazers, especially, the brand can make you look sharp in an instant. Since it is also an incredibly affordable line, however, you don't need to spend and arm and a leg to class up your wardrobe. As you first start out in the professional world, in particular, you may find that George is a godsend. We give the brand 4.5 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1990
  • Basic formalwear
Sold at:
Walmart, Asda, online
Types of items:
Polos, oxford shirts, suits, blazers, ties, vests, dress pants, dress shorts, shirts, dresses, school uniforms, socks, jumpers, rompers, sleepwear, underwear, hosiery
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