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We all know that looking good makes us feel good about ourselves. A nice outfit can give anyone a little more confidence to face the day. The founders of Garanimals thought that was also true for kids, and in 1972 they took that concept and applied it to their brand, Garanimals.

Founded by Garan Incorporated, Garanimals clothing was uniquely designed to make pairing separate pieces of clothing easy for kids. Each item of clothing has a hang-tag with an animal character [called Garanimals], the items with matching hang-tags are supposed to go together and coordinate, making it very easy for kids to choose their own outfits and still look good.

The philosophy behind the hang-tag matching system is that by making it easy for young kids to successfully dress themselves, they gain confidence and develop a growing sense of independence.

Garanimals clothing is currently sold in Walmart stores around the United States.

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Garanimal apparel is comprised of mix and match separates that can be easily combined. The clothes are fun, comfortable and colorful, making them both kids and parents’ favorites.

The brand includes graphic t-shirts, shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, leggings and shoes and it also has a line of kids bedding, books and toys at very reasonable prices.

Garanimals sizes expand from newborn to 5T and each piece is carefully crafted for comfort and safety. In fact, the brand makes sure its products are submitted to rigorous quality and safety testing and that each garment is in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) and the American Society for Testing & Materials.'s Rating of Garanimals

We would love to have a brand that helped adults coordinate outfits; we are not naming names, but let’s just say that we know people who could benefit from this feature.

Garanimal clothing is not only fun, colorful and comfortable, its easy matching feature makes it also a learning tool for little ones, building their confidence and their independence at the same time.

Garanimals has a lineup of graphic t-shirts, shorts, pants, leggings, skirts, dresses, tank tops and shoes. But the brand also has a great assortment of items beyond clothes. The kids books and toys are also wonderfully fun and colorful with sweet animal motifs and the same low prices and high quality present in all Garanimal products.

We also love the line of bedding, with soft blankets and comforters in great animal prints for boys and girls and the layette line with cute and affordable basics for newborns and young babies.

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