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Ever since it was founded in 1958, French Toast has been a key manufacturer of children's clothing. In 1985, the brand introduced a line specifically dedicated to school uniforms for kids in public, private, and religious schools, and the idea took off. French Toast leadership decided to focus solely on uniform apparel in the '90s, and the brand is now one of the most trusted providers of school clothes for kids in the country--in fact, its collection of uniform pieces is the largest of any manufacturer in the U.S.

When they decided to devote their entire business to school apparel, French Toast executives got behind the uniform movement with full force. The brand supplies research proving that the implementation of a uniform program enhances school safety, reduces truancy, encourages unity, and actually costs less. The French Toast Partnership for Education Program was established in 1991, and it helps educators and administrators effectively introduce new uniform requirements. The program provides materials to teach students and families about the benefits of uniforms, and it also works with each school to hone in on the types of uniforms that will fit in best. French Toast also partners with local retail outlets to ensure that parents know where to find approved uniform apparel.

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French Toast prides itself on providing school uniforms for kids from kindergarten through high school, and so products are available in a broad range of styles and sizes. While exact specifications will vary by school, the brand generally divides its products into boys' uniforms and girls' uniforms. In girls' tops, you can find Peter Pan blouses, Oxford blouses, pleated blouses, short- and long-sleeved polos, and even an assortment of graphic tees that schools may have approved. Pants are typically available in blue, black, or khaki, and some leggings in other colors might be available. Pull-on shorts and Bermuda shorts are among the top options for warmer weather. Jumpers, pleated skirts, and dresses are all unique to the girls' collection, as are hose and camis.

Many of the boys' uniform pieces are similar to those offered for girls--including options like polos, pull-on pants, and shorts. Oxford shirts for boys are more formal and are often paired with a tie, but you can also find several casual button-down shirts. Men's uniforms also frequently require accessories like a sweater, vest, or blazer. Activewear options for both genders include gym clothes such as sweatpants, running shorts, active tees, and sweatshirts.'s Rating of French Toast

Often, it's not up to parents or students to decide how they feel about a uniform program because schools will simply implement them and require compliance. Still, you might get some say regarding the colors or styles of uniform apparel that you choose, and French Toast makes it easy to find lots of different options that should still meet requirements. One of the regularly touted benefits of school uniforms is that they do tend to cost less than trying to dress according to the latest trends, and French Toast claims that the average school uniform wardrobe consists of just 12 or so pieces. Once kids outgrow some of their uniform apparel, the category provides an excellent option for buying clothes secondhand. We give French Toast 4.5 stars out of 5.

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