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Dollhouse was founded in New York City in 1995 as a denim company that primarily targeted the demographic of teens and young women aged 15-25. Blending a commitment to basic jeans with cutting-edge designs, the brand creates a slew of new fashions on a monthly basis. Almost immediately, Dollhouse began to expand its distribution network to include high-end department stores and specialty retailers across the United States. It also soon branched out into international markets, and its clothes are currently available in Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

The BBC Apparel Group formed in 1999, and it acquired Dollhouse to complement its other major brand, Jou Jou. Under its current ownership, the company has ventured into other categories with the introduction of outerwear and footwear lines. In the early 2000s, Dollhouse teamed up with celebrities like Paris Hilton and the pop group Danity Kane to launch exclusive fashion labels. One of the main goals of Dollhouse has always been to offer designer-quality apparel at affordable prices. The brand trusts its in-house design teams to keep up with the latest trends from around the world and maintain its signature efficiency, quality, and service. The brand is a favorite among industry insiders and consumers alike.

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Denim was the first category offered by Dollhouse more than 20 years ago, and it continues to play a major role in the brand's collections today. Jeans are available in all the most popular cuts, washes, and styles, and you'll find skinny jeans, crops, bootcut jeans, capris, and more. Other popular denim products include cutoffs, shorts, and overalls. Many of the brand's products are distressed or pre-ripped for style, and some denim garments feature bright pops of color or patterns that set them apart from the traditional blue. Dollhouse doesn't offer many tops, but it does feature vests, dresses, and jackets--some of which are made of denim, while others use different fabrics like faux suede, sherpa, and more. In bottoms, you can find several types of leggings in addition to the brand's jeans.

While the footwear collection is a little newer, it also offers more variety than some of Dollhouse's other categories. Choose among sandals, flip-flops, or slip-ons for more casual wear. You can also find plenty of ballet flats, wedges, pumps, boots, espadrilles, and more that put an emphasis on style and can be worn for any number of occasions.'s Rating of Dollhouse

In spite of its consistent growth and availability in markets around the world, Dollhouse is still something of a niche brand. It has started to venture beyond jeans, but there's no denying that denim is the category the manufacturer does best. Whereas similar jeans from another manufacturer might start at prices over $100, however, Dollhouse is available for half the cost--which is one reason why it appeals to its target niche of teens and twentysomethings. The brand's jeans are also well made, so it's a great option to buy via consignment. We give Dollhouse 3.5 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1995
  • Jeans and footwear
Sold at:
High-end department stores, specialty retailers, online
Types of items:
Jeans, shorts, crops, capris, leggings, dresses, vests, jackets, boots, booties, pumps, slip-ons, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, wedges, espadrilles
Related brands:
BBC Apparel, Jou Jou
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