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The Despicable Me franchise took the world by storm in 2010. The first film in the series--simply titled Despicable Me--was produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. It starred voice actors Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, and several other big names. The franchise turned the traditional superhero movie on its head by featuring supervillain Gru as the protagonist. When Gru adopts three daughters, he changes his ways and must adapt to being a father. Gru also has a troupe of Minions (simpleminded, yellow, cylindrical creatures who serve as henchmen), and these characters became the breakout stars of the franchise.

The first Despicable Me movie was well received critically and grossed more than $500 million worldwide. A sequel was inevitable, and Despicable Me 2 was released in 2013. The sequel far outperformed its predecessor at the box office, and earned almost $1 billion. The popularity of the Minions spawned several animated shorts featuring the characters, and a full-length animated featured called Minions was released in 2015. The Despicable Me franchise has launched a number of video games. It also inspired the creation of motion simulator rides at Universal's theme parks in both Hollywood and Orlando.

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You can find a wide array of toys featuring the most memorable characters from the Despicable Me movies. Plush toys are available in the shapes of the different Minions, as well as Gru and his daughters, Agnes, Margo, and Edith. Action figures and playsets allow kids to re-create some of their favorite scenes from the franchise. Many popular board games have seen licensed Despicable Me versions released with unique changes to gameplay based on the characters.

Since the Minions are easily the most popular occupants of the franchise's universe, Minion merchandise is available in an even broader range of categories. You'll find coloring books, building block sets, toy vehicles, vinyl figures, home décor products, party decorations, school supplies, sports toys, and more that all feature the offbeat yellow creatures. Despicable Me video games are available for both console and handheld gaming systems. Kids' apparel options include graphic tees, tanks, hoodies, dresses, robes, pajamas, shoes, socks, underwear, slippers, and more, featuring prints and patterns from the franchise. Adults can also find a selection of apparel and accessories from the brand. Fans of all ages can choose to dress up as their favorite characters for Halloween with various costumes.'s Rating of Despicable Me

While the first Despicable Me movie was undoubtedly popular, merchandising actually helped steer the franchise to greater success. The characters--and especially the Minions--seemed to be everywhere within a matter of months. They continue to be big hits among kids in a wide range of age groups today, and they have also wooed many adults. If you have a Despicable Me fan in your household, then it's easy to find an almost endless array of toys, accessories, and apparel. Practically all major retailers (including discount retailers) stock merchandise, so you can also come across some very affordable options. We give Despicable Me 4.5 stars out of 5.

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