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One of the oldest American shoe manufacturers, Converse was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in the Boston suburb of Malden, MA. The company began as a rubber shoe manufacturer, but it quickly expanded into producing athletic shoes. In 1917, Converse introduced its All Star basketball shoe, and four years later, the company partnered with basketball player Chuck Taylor. As a brand ambassador, Taylor became the face of Converse, and his signature was eventually added to the logo on the company's most popular sneakers. The manufacturer was forced to evolve with the times as it began facing more competition, but it found another signature product when it bought the rights to start making Jack Purcell sneakers in the 1970s. The brand, which had generally been worn only by athletes, started to go more mainstream as its product line expanded. The company began marketing its shoes as icons of individuality, and they even started to become a staple among celebrities. In 2003, Nike acquired Converse for more than $300 million.

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Shoes continue to be the most popular products manufactured by Converse, though the company also makes branded clothing for men, women, and children. Chuck Taylor All Stars are as popular and stylish today as they were almost a century ago, and relatively little has changed about their design since their introduction. The shoes are available in a wide range of adults' and kids' sizes for both genders. You can choose between the classic high tops and the low-cut "Oxford" style as well as deciding on your favorite color or printed pattern. The Jack Purcell style of Converse shoes was originally designed for playing badminton, but they have since evolved into a vintage fashion choice. You can find them in men's and women's styles and can choose between lace-up and slip-on options. Converse CONS were first introduced in the '80s, but the style made a triumphant return in the last decade as the brand's first skateboarding shoes. They are available in men's styles only, and the CONS Star Player is the most popular version.'s Rating of Converse

Whether your kids are interested in Converse sneakers for basketball, skateboarding, or fashion, the company offers a very broad selection of products. Young children tend to be limited to Chuck Taylor All Stars, but tweens and teens can investigate styles like Jack Purcells and CONS in order to find the sneakers that best fit their personality and preferences. If your kids are into sports, a pair of Converse sneakers can serve as a high-quality, multipurpose shoe. All Stars were the official shoes of the NBA for a number of years, and they are still as supportive and versatile for wearing on the basketball court today. Similarly, CONS have been worn by a number of professional skateboarding ambassadors like Nick Trapasso, Anthony Pappalardo, and Kenny Anderson, so they promise to be an excellent skating shoe. A pair of Converse sneakers can last anywhere from a year to several years depending on how often you wear them. For their durable construction and proven history, we give Converse 4.5 stars out of 5.

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