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In 1995, Classroom School Uniforms was founded, and the company quickly began partnering with educators and administrators at schools across the country to facilitate their uniform programs. The founders of the brand are passionate about proving that uniforms improve kids' academic performance in addition to reducing disciplinary infractions and having a positive impact on students' self-image--and the company constantly gathers data to back up its claims. Classroom School Uniforms isn't just a manufacturer and supplier of apparel. It also works as a conduit between schools, students, and parents, and the brand has established catalogs, policies, and procedures that it frequently introduces to schools considering the implementation of a mandatory or optional uniform program.

According to Classroom School Uniforms, specific dress-code policies are cost-effective because they help prevent families from having to stock up on expensive fashion apparel. The company's studies have also shown that uniforms promote school safety by limiting theft and reducing violent incidents, in addition to lessening the amount of peer pressure students are subjected to. The brand works closely with public, private, charter, parochial, and religious schools in districts all over the U.S. It also partners with local retailers to make uniforms as readily available as possible.

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Classroom School Uniforms offers all of the most common uniform components for students of all ages. The most popular garments required by schools are polo shirts, and short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions are available in a wide array of sizes and colors. Simple slacks and shorts in colors like khaki, navy blue, and black can also be found in abundance for both boys and girls. Some products from Classroom School Uniforms are gender-specific, while others are age-specific. For boys, Oxford shirts are frequently required, and they may need to be paired with school ties. Blouses for girls are frequently a little more fitted. Girls can also choose among a broader selection of bottoms, including pleated skirts and scooter skirts. Dresses and jumpers are also available for schools that allow or require them.

When it comes to outerwear, some schools are very specific about permissible options. You can find sweaters, vests, cardigans, fleeces, and bomber jackets for both genders that are designed for integration into uniforms. Classroom School Uniforms also offers basic shoes and hosiery for kids. In addition to specifying colors, many schools require a logo to be embroidered on certain clothing articles. These types of insignia can easily be added to most clothing after purchase.'s Rating of Classroom

The subject of school uniforms tends to be polarizing among students, parents, and school staff when it is first being discussed. After implementation, however, wearing uniform apparel quickly becomes routine. If your school has a uniform policy, then working with a company like Classroom School Uniforms can be one of the best ways to gather the necessary garments without spending too much. The brand guarantees quality and offers a wide range of acceptable apparel options that you might not be able to find at retailers that don't specialize in uniforms. We give Classroom School Uniforms 4 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1995
  • School uniforms
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Polos, button-down shirts, slacks, flat-front shorts, pleated skirts, scooter skirts, jumpers, dresses, cardigans, vests, sweaters, blazers, fleeces, jackets, shoes, hosiery
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