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Founded in 1958 as a division of the Italian production and distribution giant Artsana, Chicco (pronounced "kee-ko") holds the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of baby care products in all of Europe. The Chicco brand was created by founder Pietro Catelli after the birth of his son, Enrico. Catelli was determined to come up with a line of products that would help satisfy the needs of babies and toddlers aged 0 to 36 months. As the brand became more successful, it quickly expanded into the international market. Today, Chicco has a presence in more than 120 countries. The company conducts observational research using real families with children, and it draws from the real-world experience of parents as well as advice from doctors and scientific professionals. Its goal is to stay on the cutting edge of technology so that its products are among the most innovative on the market.

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Chicco wants to ensure that it has parents covered in every aspect of their children's lives, so the manufacturer makes products in a wide range of categories. The broad divisions of Chicco's products include Gear, Clothing, Shoes, Toys, and Feeding. The Gear category features important baby and toddler tools like strollers, car seats, carriers, swings, walkers, high chairs and playards. Clothing options run the gamut, from shirts to pants to swimwear to outerwear to dresses. Shoes are divided into categories for boys and girls, ranging from sizes for babies all the way up to toddlers. Chicco's options in the Toys category include rattles, nightlights, ride ons, walkers, and more. The company also makes toys designed for learning, bath time, and exercise. All toys are rated by age so that you can easily figure out what playthings are optimal for your child's current developmental stage. The Feeding category features all the tools you will need to transition your baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding to eating solid food. Popular options include bottles, nipples, pacifiers, teethers, and baby food warmers.'s Rating of Chicco

The Chicco brand has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience to back up its reputation. The company addresses almost every aspect of the parenting experience with its extremely inclusive product lines. If you need to buy your child anything from burp cloths to a swimsuit to his or her first rattle, it's easy to find a Chicco version of these elemental kids' products. The research that goes into the brand is a major part of what keeps it on top. Chicco runs a Happiness Laboratory in Italy, where it gathers data about what products kids like best. Every detail, no matter how small, is carefully researched and considered. The company still does about 40 percent of its business within its home country of Italy, but its international presence is growing every year. Chicco products are a staple at multinational retailers like Target and Toys "R" Us in addition to partnering with local stores around the U.S. With such a wide range of products and a history of excellence to back them up, we think Chicco deserves four-and-a-half stars out of five.


  • Established 1958
  • Baby and kids' clothing, shoes and toys and baby gear
Sold at:
Toys R Us, Major retailers, online
Types of items:
Hoodies, sweaters, dresses, rompers, shoes, pajamas, shorts, shirts, skirts, graphic t-shirts, sleepwear, accessories, baby and kids' shoes and boots, newborn/infant/toddler/preschool toys, feeding items, travel systems, car seats, strollers, playards, walkers, highchairs, backpacks and carriers, diaper bags
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