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The story of Cherokee is the epitome of the American dream, of building empires from very humble beginings with ingenuity and sheer determination as the main driving force for success.
In 1973, James Argyropoulos, son of Greek immigrants, started designing and selling shoes out of his garage in Venice, California. Argyropoulos came up with a funky wedge design that appealed to the 70s flower generation and soon his brand, Cherokee, was distributed by big department stores, including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.

In the eighties, Cherokee ventured into apparel for women and shoes and started an international growth signing contracts with wholesalers in Australia, Russia, England and China.

A partnership with giant retailer Target in 1995 made the brand a staple in American households, and catapulted Cherokee into one of the best selling brands in the country.

Over the next decade, Cherokee would expand its presence both domestically and internationally, reaching more than 40 countries by 2014. Today, Cherokee can be found in Central and Eastern Europe, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Israel, India and Australia.

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Cherokee can be described as pure Americana, with strong roots in the Californian style of comfort and style with a strong emphasis on quality. Cherokee outfits kids and adults alike and has an American style that transcends generations and borders. The iconic American brand, that started as a small business in California, is now sold in more than 40 countries worldwide at 4,500 locations. Not bad for a brand launched out of a garage by a shoe repairman!
The Cherokee Corporation includes a variety of brands: Liz Lange® maternity wear, ále by Alessandra® – a Brazil-Bohemia meets Malibu Chic line created by super model Alessandra Ambrossio – Teen Hearts®, Sideout® and Carole Little®. The latest addition to Cherokee's family of brands comes from a deal with Qucksilver, which sold the brand Tony Hawk® to Cherokee in January of 2014.
The Tony Hawk® brand that has been traditionally sold at Kohl's stores will continue to be sold at those outlets, but the Cherokee management team has plans to expand the brand globally.'s Rating of Cherokee

Great value, comfortable and relevant clothes sum up the Cherokee line. The brand's aesthetic is pure Americana with classic cotton pieces in solid colors and classic patterns. Cherokee has a great selection of apparel: jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, polos, shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts and also stylish shoes and accessories for children and adults. Cherokee also has a swimsuit line with swim trunks and rashguards with built in SPF. The brand recently relaunched its line of school uniforms in partnership with Target where the uniforms can be found nationwide.
The quality and variety of styles is only match and surpassed by its value. Cherokee offers parents a great way to keep everyone in the family looking their best for a reasonable price, without sacrificing on quality. Its classic American style, variety, quality and high value places Cherokee as a leader in our eyes, this brand deserves four and a half stars.


  • Established 1973
  • Casual
Sold at:
Target, Zellers (Canada), Comercial Mexicana (Mexico), Tesco (UK), Eroski (Spain),Pik n Play (South Africa), fallabella, Tottus (South America), Muentex, RT Mart (Asia).
Types of items:
Children and Adults' apparel: clothing, shoes & accessories
Related brands:
Liz Lange®, ále by Alessandra®, Teen Hearts®, Sideout®, Carole Little ® Tony Hawk®
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