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Founded by fashion designer Calvin Klein in 1968, the brand was initially a coat store in the York Hotel in New York city selling youthful and understated coats and dresses. A year later, in September of 1969, Calvin Klein made it to the cover of Vogue and started an upward trajectory that continues today. By the time Calvin Klein sold his company to Phillips-Van Heusen in 2002, Calvin Klein Inc. had eleven lines and a fragrance division with iconic perfumes such as cKone, Eternity and Obsession.
Savvy and sometimes controversial advertising has been part of the notoriety and success of the Calvin Klein brand. The famous Brook Shields controversial jeans ad in the 80s put Calvin Klein's jeans in everyone's minds. Other actors who had their start in Calvin Klein ads are Mark Whalberg - who appeared in an Calvin Klein underwear campaign - Antonio Sabato Jr and the iconic super model Kate Moss.
Calvin Klein also pioneered advertising with new technologies. In 1999, its cKone campaign included e-mail addresses to capture the teen audience and develop a mailing list that sent the subscribers tidbits of information on the Calvin Klein model's lives.
Today, Calvin Klein is owned and brought to market around the world by PVH Corp. Other brands in the company's lineup are Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, IZOD, Arrow, Bass and G.H Bass & Co.

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Calvin Klein is a high-end brand, with a variety of styles that keep truth to its origins as youthful and understated. This is the aesthetics that govern the adult as well as the children's line for this brand. Calvin Klein line for kids has suits, jackets and ties, but it also includes casual clothing that is classic but has a designer, edgy quality to it. The Calvin Klein kid is comfortable and sophisticated at the same time. The Calvin Klein brands that carry kids clothing have sizes that run from 0 to 18 years old.
The company includes a variety of products, from housewares such as linens, decorations and even candles, to eyewear, jewelry and watches. Within the apparel brands, Calvin Klein includes: Calvin Klein Jeans, ck Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein underwear and Calvin Klein Collection.'s Rating of Calvin Klein Jeans

Parents want their kids to be comfortable and be able to play and get dirty, most of the time. For casual, comfy cloths in cotton, the Calvin Klein Jeans line for kids includes jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, cotton dresses and skirts and casual shoes. For those occasions when we might want to step it up a notch, Calvin Klein offers dresses, shirts, ties and suits for kids in line with its adult clothing, with edgy, yet classic urban designs and a very American, clean-cut aesthetic.

For its chic designs and clean cut aesthetics and quality, we give Calvin Klein four and a half starts out of five.

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  • Established 1968
  • Casual
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Calvin Klein stores, online and at high-end retailers around the world, such as Macy's
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