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A staple in France, Bout'Chou is an exclusive brand made by the popular Monoprix supermarket chain. It features a wide range of clothing and accessories for young babies in muted colors and soft, comfortable fabrics. Monoprix was founded in 1932 by Max Heilbronn and Theophile Bader. The original store, located in Rouen, saw business take off after the end of the Great Depression. It gained a reputation for offering quality products at low prices. After taking a hit during World War II, the company picked back up again in the late 1940s and started launching its own brands. By mid-century, the chain had grown to more than 200 stores. Monoprix continued expanding throughout the rest of the 20th century, and it was eventually acquired by the French retail giant, the Casino Group. Today, the company sells food as well as textiles and household products. It has stores in more than 85 percent of major French cities and does more than €3 billion worth of business every year. Bout'Chou remains one of its most popular textiles brands, alongside CFK, Autre Ton, MonoprixHomme, and Miss Helen.

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When it comes to children's clothing, the Bout'Chou line includes almost everything you'll need to keep your baby or toddler well dressed. Outfits for newborns and babies include all the traditional parts of your layette set. You'll find rompers, pajamas, bibs, cloth diapers, swaddling clothes, and more. As your little one gets a bit older, he or she can move into t-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, cardigans, or overalls. You'll also find accessories like sunbonnets, hats, and socks, as well as footwear like slippers, sandals, and shoes.

Not restricted to just clothing, the Bout'Chou brand also features stuffed animals, blankets, and sheets, as well as kitchenware like cups and bowls. At the store itself, a number of baby care products are sold under the Bout'Chou name, including disposable diapers, baby wipes, shampoo, moisturizer, and even baby food. Monoprix tries to make sure that it can cover as many of your baby's needs as possible using items from the Bout'Chou line.'s Rating of Bout'Chou

If you don't live in France, there's a good chance you might have never heard of Monoprix or its brands, but it's a company that's worth finding out more about. The retailer is committed to a standard of excellence that has led it to grow so substantially over the last 80 years. The Bout'Chou line of children's clothes all feature fairly basic, classic designs, but they are manufactured from soft and high-quality materials that ensure they are built to last. Though Monoprix is considered more of an upper-class store, the Bout'Chou brand is very affordable and you won't have to worry about breaking the bank to stock your child's wardrobe. Though it's a fairly large company (with more than 20,000 employees), Monoprix remains committed to respecting the individuality of the cities where it has stores. It also takes an environmentally responsible approach to manufacturing and makes a difference with local charities in its communities. Overall, we give Bout'Chou 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Established 1932
  • European baby clothes and accessories
Sold at:
Monoprix stores and online
Types of items:
Onesies, rompers, t-shirts, shorts, pants, swimwear, dresses, cardigans, overalls, leggings, sunbonnets, hats, shoes, sandals, sleepwear, kitchenware, sheets, towels, diapers, lotion, shampoo, baby food
Related brands:
CFK, Autre Ton, MonoprixHomme, Miss Helen, Monoprix, Monoprix Vert, Monoprix Bio
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