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Bonnie Jean is boutique label devoted to making quality dresses for girls. The brand is a division of the family-owned company Gerson & Gerson, which was founded by Max Gerson in 1935. The manufacturer established and trademarked the Bonnie Jean label in 1970, and it has been distributing its dresses under that name ever since. Current chairman Matthew Gerson joined the company in 1969 before eventually taking over leadership from his father.

The values that govern Bonnie Jean have stayed consistent for almost 80 years. The brand is committed to designing dresses that will excite young girls and help them feel whimsical, beautiful, and confident. Quality has always been paramount, and the company's leadership insists that Bonnie Jean makes the best possible dresses. Affordability is a major consideration as well, and the Gersons want to make sure that their brand consistently stays competitive within the market. Bonnie Jean products are distributed to exclusive buyers--ranging from small boutique stores to department store conglomerates. The brand releases new collections seasonally to keep its garments relevant. Bonnie Jean has also made a pledge toward sustainability, and all manufacturing and distribution is done using methods that are as environmentally responsible as possible.

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You can find a range of Bonnie Jean dresses in all different sizes. Options for the youngest infants and toddlers include a bodysuit under the dress so that tots won't have to worry about comfort. Older girls can choose from dresses, jumpers, shirt-and-skirt sets, and more. You'll also find accessories to accompany dresses, including cardigans, leggings, and jackets.

Bonnie Jean dresses can be roughly divided into three distinct categories. Casual dresses include options like party dresses and floral dresses, which are perfect for informal occasions. These garments allow girls to feel like they fit in while still being as comfortable as possible. More formal dresses can be worn for celebrations like baptisms or communions, and you'll also find a range of dresses that are perfect for flower girls at weddings. Dresses with frills and ruffles exude a childlike charm, while more muted dresses in fabrics like silk or satin provide a sense of graceful elegance. Holiday dresses and other holiday outfits are perfect for celebrating the changing seasons. Christmas dresses feature classic holiday colors and materials like velvet, while dresses for celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July all include unique prints.'s Rating of Bonnie Jean

While dresses aren't for everyone, many girls just love the experience of getting dolled up in a fancy outfit that makes them feel special. For these little ones, Bonnie Jean is one of the top brands of stylish, comfortable, and high-quality dresses. No matter whether you are celebrating an event or just want to give your daughter a treat, the range of styles available from this trusted manufacturer ensures that you'll easily find the perfect choice. Dealing with a family business also always instills a further level of confidence because you can be sure that the company is committed to maintaining its reputation and hopes that you will become a brand ambassador who tells your friends about your positive experiences. For its rich history that dates back almost eight decades, we give Bonnie Jean 4.5 stars out of 5.

Bonnie Jean

  • Established 1935 (Gerson & Gerson)
  • Diverse dresses for young girls
Sold at:
Belk, Dillard's, Macy's, Kohl's, specialty boutiques, online
Types of items:
Casual dresses, floral dresses, party dresses, formal dresses, flower girl dresses, communion dresses, holiday dresses, cardigans, leggings, jackets, skirts, shirts, bodysuits
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