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Founded in 1999, Bon Bébé is a top designer, importer, and wholesaler of clothes and accessories for babies. Originally created by an experienced team of babywear specialists, the brand began with layette sets and has continued to expand its lines over the years to create new and unique baby products. Bon Bébé wants to make sure it has your baby covered for everyday situations like playing and napping as well as more special outings and occasions. All products are designed in house by the company's top-notch staff.

Bon Bébé products are designed with babies' safety, comfort, and style in mind. Designers work to create new and innovative products that reflect the changing needs and lifestyles of the next generation of little ones. The company has its headquarters in New York City, a warehouse in New Jersey, and a partnership with a trusted manufacturer in Hong Kong. Products are sold at major department stores, specialty boutiques, and other retailers across the country. In addition to the standard Bon Bébé label, the company also manufactures the René Rofé Baby and Wildchild brands.

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With all-inclusive lines for both baby boys and baby girls, it's easy to find Bon Bébé clothes that you and your tot will love. Girls' sets include matching items that go together as complete outfits. Individual components such as onesies, skirts, dresses, leggings, bibs, booties, tops, and bodysuits are grouped together around a certain color theme or similar patterns. Sets for baby boys include different options like sweatpants, graphic tees, and sweatshirts in addition to onesies and booties.

Boys and girls each have one-pieces available too, which mostly feature options like footed pajamas and coveralls. The bodysuits category for girls contains the apparel every young ballerina needs, including leotards and tutus. When it comes to gifts and accessories, you'll find options like baby blankets, receiving blankets, diaper bags, stuffed animals, and gift sets that bundle multiple different products together. Other miscellaneous items like hats, jackets, swimwear, bath time sets, and room décor are also available in a range of different colors and designs that can be either gender specific or neutral.'s Rating of Bon Bébé

Baby clothes have to strike a unique balance between being incredibly comfortable for sensitive little ones and being stylish enough so that you will want to dress your children in them. Bon Bébé finds a way to achieve this balance with much more success than several other manufacturers, and its garments have clearly been designed by parents who understand the factors that make childhood unique. Having outfits that are bundled together takes some of the onus off first-time parents, especially--who may not always know what different pieces go well together. Plus, the prints and color palettes embraced by Bon Bébé are all unique enough to make your baby stand out without ever crossing the line into being loud or ugly. The way that Bon Bébé has gradually grown over more than a decade reflects the manufacturer's commitment to quality, as items are constantly improved upon whenever possible. On the whole, we give Bon Bébé 4.5 stars out of 5.

Bon Bébé

  • Established 1999
  • Traditional baby clothes
Sold at:
Major department stores, specialty boutiques, online
Types of items:
Layette sets, bodysuits, onesies, coveralls, pajamas, leggings, skirts, dresses, leotards, tutus, pants, t-shirts, booties, hats, bibs, baby blankets, receiving blankets, home décor, jackets, swimwear, bath accessories
Related brands:
René Rofé Baby, Wildchild
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