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Although best known for its line of baby carriers, Baby Bjorn actually started its journey as a company with the introduction of baby bouncers in the Swedish market.

In 1961, the company’s founder, Björn Jakobson, went on a trip to the United States to visit his brother and saw a bouncy seat for infants that he hadn’t seen before in his native Sweden.

Jakobson thought the bouncer was a great idea and brought the American product back to Sweden and soon he started manufacturing and producing his own version of the bouncy seat. Although it was not the instant hit he had anticipated, a collaboration with some pediatricians, who gave the bouncy seat great reviews, propelled the product to success and the company to the forefront of baby gear development and manufacturing.

In the 70s, Jakobson - by then a father himself - would launch the company’s most iconic product, the Baby Björn infant carrier. The carrier was based on studies by medical experts that stressed the importance of physical closeness between parents and their babies in the first six months of life. Fittingly, the first baby carrier developed by the Swedish company was called “Close to heart” (Hjärtenära).

Today, the family owned BabyBjörn Company, continues to develop and manufacture baby gear intended to make life easier for parents and children alike. BabyBjörn products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world with a wide array of products that include: baby carriers, travel cribs, cradles, bouncers, high chairs, potty chairs and even kitchen products.

The Swedish company believes that parents shouldn’t have to buy lots of different products for little children, when a few well-developed and manufactured items will do the job.

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BabyBjörn has a wide array of products, including different types of baby carriers, bouncy seats, cradle and travel cribs and many products for the kitchen and bathroom, such as high chairs, potty trainers and other accessories.

Baby Björn products are developed with quality and safety as the key elements. The company strongly believes its products should withstand the test of time and be passed along from one child to the next.

To make sure its products truly have the best quality possible, Baby Björn runs quality and safety tests with international independent testing institutes on all its products.

BabyBjörn products meet all safety requirements – including flame resistance - dictated by the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. The company’s products are also certified by the rigorous international standard Oeko-Tex Standard® that prohibits the use of flame retardant chemicals in products made for kids and ensure textiles that come in contact with the babies’ skin are free from substances hazardous to health and allergens.

The cotton used by Baby Björn to manufacture its products is 95 percent organically produced. The company’s kitchen and bathroom products are free from PVC, cadmium, bromine, lead and phthalates and its plastic products are free from bisphenol A (BPA).

BabyBjörn is a high-quality, family oriented company and each product is envisioned, developed and manufactured with the safety of families in mind.'s Rating of Baby Björn

Baby Björn carriers make life easier for parents while promoting optimum positioning of babies. The company has worked closely with pediatric orthopedic specialists around the world to make sure its carriers provide the close contact young babies need while the legs, hips and head of young babies are properly placed for normal development.

The emphasis BabyBjörn puts in every facet of its products make the company a favorite among parents. We love that every single part of product development is scrutinized to make sure only the best materials are used and to make sure that young babies are safe. We also cannot deny that we love that the products are so well constructed that they easily last through several children and can be passed along or sold when we no longer need them.

For its innovative design, high quality and focus on safety, we have to give BabyBjörn five stars out of five.

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