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While silk has been a popular fabric used in women's clothing for centuries, many people historically shied away from it because it was too difficult to care for. In 1991, however, August Silk addressed this problem by creating the world's first line of washable woven silk. By combining the luxurious elegance of this type of fabric with the wearability of a lifestyle brand, the company essentially created a new niche for itself within the industry.

After founding the brand with collections of knits and woven apparel, August Silk expanded into other categories like tees, sportswear, and even lingerie. While the designs changed to fit the styles of these clothes, the brand has never strayed from its devotion to soft fabrics, intricate embellishments, and luxurious textures. The feminine brand resonates with women who are interested in casual sophistication. The company is closely involved with every facet of its silk production process in China. Once its clothes reach the United States, they are sold by a number of major department stores as well as specialty boutiques. August Silk has been featured in several major publications, including The Oprah Magazine, Woman's World, People, and Good Housekeeping.

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The selection of women's clothing from August Silk ranges from everyday casualwear to more formal apparel. Basic tops include tanks, tees, and turtlenecks. You can also choose among dressier options like button-down shirts, blouses, tunics, cowl necks, scoop necks, and more. In terms of light outerwear, the brand makes a wide assortment of cardigans and sweaters featuring different cuts, colors, and prints. Even though "silk" is in the brand's name, the fabric isn't actually featured in every garment it sells. Occasionally, it is substituted with other soft fabrics like modal, rayon, or viscose.

Many of August Silk's tanks and tees are designed to be worn as activewear because their lightweight fabrics are keep you cool in addition to being quick-drying. Other shirts are perfect for layering, as the thin fabric won't make you overheat--even if you wear two or more garments at once. Because of the way silk and other soft fabric behaves, these clothes tend to accentuate the frame of the wearer by draping in a unique way. Since the brand's original goal was to create silk apparel that is relatively easy to care for, these garments are almost all machine washable.'s Rating of August Silk

Almost regardless of how particular articles of clothing are designed and cut, silks and other soft fabrics exude class and sophistication. By basing all of its styles around this fact, therefore, August Silk is able to project a constant sense of luxury. Luckily, in addition to looking great, silk is also extremely comfortable, so the shirts, sweaters, and other clothes offered by the brand are always flowing and soft. Since the fabrics are so lightweight, even long-sleeved options are better suited for spring and summer than they are for seasons that require warm clothes. Another major benefit of August Silk is the brand's prices. Most of its garments are priced below $50, so it represents the epitome of attainable luxury. We give August Silk 4 stars out of 5.

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