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Husband and wife team Carl and Elyse Eckhaus founded Angels Jeans in 1997. The pair took their years of experience in fashion and business to develop a brand that would deliver the best products at affordable prices. Based out of New York City's Fashion District, the company focuses on style and fit--always keeping an eye on the latest trends. It has designed jeans in women's sizes for the better part of two decades, but it has also expanded to add plus-sized, missy, and girls divisions so that it can cater to a wider array of customers.

The Angels Jeans brand has a simple mission statement. The company slogan espouses that every customer should "Be happy. Be bright. Be you." In keeping with the tradition of a true family business, Carl and Elyse Eckhaus' twin daughters, Jessica and Fara, became part of the company in 2002. The brand is constantly growing in popularity, and it is currently distributed via major retail giants like Kohl's, JCPenney, Sears, and more. In addition to the regular Angels Jeans label, the company has also created several sub-brands, including Sweet Jeans, Hissyfit Blues, and Forever Young & Always.

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Unsurprisingly, denim has always been the top category of clothes made by Angels Jeans. The brand's pants are divided into three categories: juniors, missy, and plus-sized. Juniors pants are ideal for teens and twentysomethings who are on the slim side, while missy pants are great for "average" women. The brand's plus sizes start at size 14 and go up to size 24. Beyond sizing, Angels Jeans also categorizes its pants based on style. Distressed styles are pre-ripped, for example, to look like they have been more thoroughly worn in, and belted styles include a belt that is matched to the specific type of jeans.

The brand's basic styles are available in some of the most popular cuts and washes. Options include skinny jeans, flare jeans, and cuffed ankle jeans, and they can be found in versions that are light, medium, or dark blue. Embroidered styles have intricate patterns sewn into the back pockets for a unique look. Beyond jeans, you can also find other denim apparel, including cutoff shorts, Bermuda shorts, and capris--ideal for keeping the brand relevant even during the hot summer months. A few other fabrics are also available, including khaki.'s Rating of Angels Jeans

Jeans are a unique animal when compared to other sorts of clothes, which is one reason why so many manufacturers only focus on these pants. Angels Jeans has long established itself as a company that hones in on a very specific niche, and it does a great job designing and making women's jeans in a variety of styles. The brand embraces all different body shapes, and it puts as much effort into designing plus-sized jeans as it does into juniors. Company leadership also knows that affordable pricing is extremely important to many of the shoppers in its key demographics, so its jeans are very inexpensive. All things considered, we give Angels Jeans 4 stars out of 5.

Angels Jeans

  • Established 1997
  • Women's jeans
Sold at:
JCPenney, Kohl's, Fred Meyer, Reitmans, Sears, Shopko, Gordmans, online
Types of items:
Jeans, plus-sized jeans, capris, shorts, belts, khaki pants
Related brands:
Sweet Jeans, Hissyfit Blues, Forever Young & Always
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