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Aéropostale opened its first store in 1987 with a target audience of ages 14 to 17 years old. The mall-based brand, conceived and launched by Macy’s has grown steadily nationally, with 914 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, and a growing international presence in Canada where Aéropostale has 75 stores. The company also has a presence in the Middle East, Europe and Asia through licensing agreements.

Aéropostale was bought by Bear Stearns Merchant Banking in 1995 and went public in 2002.

To accommodate a younger audience, Aéropostale introduced P.S from Aéropostale in 2009 with targeting sizes from 7 to 12 year-old. Two years after it was introduced P.S. expanded its size range to include sizes for 4 year-olds and up.

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Aéropostale clothing is trendy and stylish with a definite young look to it. The brand offers tees, polos, shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, shoes, sandals, boots, swimwear, underwear, accessories and a line of active wear with yoga pants and other basic apparel for an active lifestyle.

To appeal to its target audience, the company has aligned itself with popular television shows, like Pretty Little Liars and also enlisted YouTube sensation Bethany Mota to design a line of clothing for Aéropostale.

Bethany Mota’s line of clothing and accessories for Aéropostale consists of pieces personally developed by Mota with floral designs, fun dresses, shorts, funky tops and graphic t-shirts with lines such as: “Keep on Keepin’ On,” “You are What You Listen To,” or “Salt Hair Don’t Care.”

The Pretty Little Liars line for Aéropostale is designed by the show’s costume designer, Mandi Line, and it has the cool, trendy and chic-with-an-edge aesthetic of the clothes featured on the show. In the advertising campaign, the four stars of the show model different creations and the Aéropostale shoppers get to choose which one is their favorite, making it a very interactive online shopping experience.

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As parents, we enjoy clothes for kids that are stylish, fun, comfortable and a good value for the money. Aéropostale covers and exceeds all those points with a great variety of items for kids 4 to 17 years old.

But what makes this company stand out is the way it goes beyond the traditional format of just selling clothes to engage its audience and benefit kids in all communities.

In 2008, Aéropostale teamed up with Do Something, a not-for-profit youth organization, and launched a campaign to promote awareness and raise funds for homeless teens. The campaign was called “Teens for Jeans,” and it consisted of collecting lightly used jeans at the Aéropostale stores in exchange for a discount voucher. The used jeans, and also new jeans provided by the company, were donated to local charities. The first year the company ran the campaign it collected 125,000 pairs of jeans. By the fifth year, the number rose to more than one million pairs of jeans.

Aéropostale ran a similar campaign when Haiti was it by the devastating earthquake in 2010, sending one pair of jeans to the country for every pair purchased.

Companies that go above and beyond the call of business always have a special place in our hearts. For its stylish and affordable clothing, its patronage of young designers and its social involvement, we have to give Aéropostale 5 stars out of 5.


  • Established 1987
  • Kids clothes, shoes and accessories
Sold at:
Aéropostale, P.S. Aéropostale and online
Types of items:
Shorts, shirts, pants, jeans, shoes, sandals, boots, swimwear, outerwear, underwear, graphic t-shirts, dresses, skirts, skorts, school uniforms, polo shirts, sleep wear.
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