Sell & Swap

In the selling and swapping pre-owned kids' items and women's apparel is as convenient as it can get. It is also safe because we store all the items in our logistics center, ensuring that everyone will get what they ordered. An average customer box sent to earns $150 in sales proceeds. Here is what you should do to get started.

4 step quick guide

Step 1 - Pack


Pack the items you want to trade into a box

You can use your own box, or request one from us. For clothes and other non-breakable items, you can alternatively request a shipping bag from us.

Step 2 - Shipping


Get a prepaid UPS shipping label

You can print the UPS shipping label directly from our site or request a label to be mailed to you. Then you can either take the package to a UPS collection point or hand it to the UPS driver

Step 3 - Set price


Set a sales price for your items

Once you receive notification that your items are listed, go and set a sales price for each item.

Step 4 - Ready


Your items will look fantastic and will sell quickly

The sales proceeds will be paid to your Paypal-account every two weeks.


Where to start?



Meets the criteria

Currently we accept only baby, kids' and teen's items, women's apparel, maternity wear and books, games and DVDs (please check the age restrictions below)


Items sent to should be:




Good condition


Shippable via UPS


Complete sets


We cannot currently accept:

Not allowed

Men's clothing, electric or electronics items (except very simple on/off type devices, such as baby monitors), cardboard puzzles, furniture, child car seats (except booster chairs), Rated R DVDs, Rated M or A Video/Computer games, old media formats


For the complete information of acceptance criterias, please visit here (for kids' items) and here (for women's items).




If I send my items to you, do you own them?

You own and control your items. We store, photograph and make sure trading, selling and buying is secure for everyone’s convience.

What if items don’t sell, what are my options?

You have 4 choices: you can ship your items back, store them by us, or use SureSell to sell them to us. Alternatively, you can donate your items for a good cause.

What happens to rejected items?

You can choose to have them shipped back or donate them.

What if I want my stuff back?

You control your items. You can ship your items back to you anytime! Please check shipment prices here.